What is Hydroponic growing?


Hydroponics is a subset of hydroculture, which is the growing of plants in a soil less medium, or an aquatic based environment. Hydroponic growing uses mineral nutrient solutions to feed the plants in water, without soil.

For those of us who love growing plants these are exciting times indeed. We are no longer limited by climate or by season in the pursuit of our harmless pleasures. We can now grow virtually any plant at virtually any time of the year – the only limitation is our imagination. The simple, effective hydroponic systems now available, coupled with modern horticultural lighting, have transformed our hobby and freed us to grow our favourite plants where and when we choose.

Types of Hydroponic systems?

When you think of hydroponics, you instantly imagine plants grown with their roots suspended directly into water with no growing medium. However this is just one type of hydroponic gardening known as N.F.T. (nutrient film technique). There are several variations of N.F.T. used around the world and it is a very popular method of growing hydroponically. What most people don’t realise is that there are countless methods and variations of hydroponic gardening. 

Wicks System

Seen as the most simplistic hydroponic system. The Wick system is described as a passive system, by which we mean there are no moving parts. From the bottom reservoir, your specific Growth Technology nutrient solution is drawn up through a number of wicks into the growing medium.  This system can use a variety of mediums, perlite, soil or coco.

What is best to grow in Perlite, Soil or Coco?

Water Culture

This system is an active system with moving parts. As active hydroponic systems go, water culture is the simplest. The roots of the plant are totally immersed in the water which contains the specific Growth Technology nutrient solutions. An air pump with help oxygenate the water and allow the roots to breathe.

NOTE. Very few plants other than lettuce will do well in this type of system.

Ebb and Flow System (Flood and Drain)

This hydroponic system works by temporarily flooding the grow tray. The nutrient solution from a reservoir surrounds the roots before draining back. This action is usually automated with a water pump on a timer.


 Drip System (recovery or non-recovery)

Dip systems are a widely used hydroponic method. A timer will control a water pump, which pumps water and the Growth Technology nutrient solutions through a network of elevated water jets. A recovery system will collect excess nutrient solution back into the reservoir. A non-recovery drip system will avoid this allowing the pH of the reservoir not to vary. If using a recovery system, be sure to check the pH level of the reservoir regularly and adjust using either pH UP or pH Down solutions on a more frequent basis.

N.F.T System

The N.F.T system is at the forefront of people’s minds when hydroponics is mentioned. Nutrient Film Technique uses a constant flow of your Growth Technology nutrient solution (therefore no timer is required). The solution is pumped from a reservoir into the growing tray. The growing tray requires no growing medium. The roots draw up the nutrients from the flowing solution. The downward flow pours back into the reservoir to be recycled again. Pump and electric maintenance is essential to avoid system failures, where roots can dry out rapidly when the flow stops.

Aeroponic System

Aeroponic systems are seen to be a high tech method of hydroponic growing. Like the N.F.T system the growing medium is primarily air.

The roots hang in the air and are misted with nutrient solution. The misting of roots is usually done every few minutes. The roots will dry out rapidly if the misting cycles are interrupted.

A timer controls the nutrient pump much like other types of hydroponic systems, except the aeroponic system needs a short cycle timer that runs the pump for a few seconds every couple of minutes.





KFSSI Blueprint Teaching Week....From Monday Oct 26 2015, the Keshe Foundation is live and open to the public, with teachings about the understanding and application of the Magrav system technology.

Starting at 10:00 am CET Monday Oct 26 2015, on all weekday mornings, and at 2 pm CET weekday afternoons through Friday Oct 30 2015. Same links below for all sessions.


Livestream at:

Zoom Meeting (when live):

Youtube Live (when live)

Keshe Foundation website:

Spaceship Institute website:
https://www.spaceshipinstitute.orgBlueprint Teaching


Pictures from the 3rd Ambassadors Meeting:




The NutriTower: Indoor Gardening Made Easy!



I’ve always dreamed of having my own indoor garden so that I can be self-sufficient during winter, but I live in a tiny apartment and have no room for a hydroponic system… Or so I thought! Thanks to the NutriTower, this dream of mine is now possible!

The NutriTower

The NutriTower is a vertical hydroponic system specifically designed for indoor use. It is the first system to use the patent-pending vertical lighting design. This technology allows you to grow more food than ever before without taking up valuable floor space! In just under 2 square feet of floor space, with up to 48 pots, it’s the most efficient method of growing food on the market.


How Does It Work?

The NutriTower is a vertical hydroponic system that is simple, elegant and efficient. The patent-pending vertical lighting design and the gravity fed nutrient delivery system make this the most effective way of growing food in your home year round.

  • strong custom extruded aluminium frame
  • The only system with vertical lighting
  • Energy efficient high output bulbs
  • Standard 24 pot layout is highly customizable
  • Pots are easily removed for maintenance
  • Gravity does most of the work
  • Large reservoir means less maintenance
  • Quiet pump runs only a few minutes each hour
  • Individual timers so you’re in control
  • Small footprint allows it to be placed anywhere

The NutriTower is designed to be flexible to its users needs. You can customize your systems to be more oriented toward leafy greens or fruitsand vegetables or a mix! Because it is a hydroponic system, there is no messy soil to deal with.

My friends from the Valhalla Movement who have personally seen and interacted with the system have loved it so much they will use it in their own earthship! If you are still not convinced why this system is awesome, click here to learn 8 reasons why the food revolution might happen in your kitchen!

 Want This Technology Out?

Support Their Kickstarter Campaign!

The only thing missing to allow this technology to take flight is YOU! If they can sell only 100 NutriTowers, they will be able to raise enough money for all the manufacturing so that they can share with everyone the wonderful experience of growing food in our own homes. Check out their website and find the kickstarter campaign by clicking on the button below!



Take The 30 Days of YOU Challenge!

Take the free 30 Days of You Challenge and discover more about your heart, mind and soul.

There are powerful benefits associated with taking time to relax, meditate, do something you love, journal, reflect or get started on a new hobby, but that means dedicating YOU time for it.

This challenge will help you set out on a journey to getting powerful habits started that can transform your life.

Join the free challenge and get the full guidelines on how to do it as well as support throughout the challenge.

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Ebru Art @ American Islamic College

Here’s Why You Should Convert Your Music To 432 hz

Tesla said it. Science proved it. It is a known fact that everything—including our own bodies—is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. That being said, can sound frequencies affect us? They sure can. Frequencies affect frequencies; much like mixing ingredients with other ingredients affects the overall flavor of a meal. The way frequencies affect the physical world has been demonstrated through various experiments such as the science of Cymatics and water memory.

The science of Cymatics illustrates that when sound frequencies move through a particular medium such as water, air or sand, it directly alters the physical structure of matter. Below are pictures demonstrating how particles adjust to different frequencies.

Water memory also illustrates how our own intentions can even alter the material world. This has been demonstrated by Dr. Masaru Emoto, who has performed studies showing how simple intentions through sound, emotions and thoughts can dramatically shape the way water crystallizes. 


We all hold a certain vibrational frequency, not to mention our bodies are estimated to be about 70% water… so we can probably expect that music frequencies can alter our own vibrational state. Some may call this ‘pseudoscience,’ however the science and patterns shown above don’t lie. Every expression through sound, emotion or thought holds a specific frequency which influences everything around it—much like a single drop of water can create a larger ripple effect in a puddle.

With this concept in mind, let us bring our attention to an important change that occurred in September 1939. The international musical pitch of 432 Hz—which also happens to be in sync with the natural tuning of the universe—was changed to 440 Hz with the persuasion of Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. Prior to the change, musicians worldwide had carried out a widespread rejection of this tuning. So why was the pitch changed? Without delving too far into the conspiracy side of things, during the time between World War I and II, scientists were researching music frequencies wanting to establish the range of frequencies which best induced fear and aggression. These studies were funded by the Rothschild-Rockefeller alliance, represented by the Rockefeller Foundation and U.S. Navy.

Let’s explore the difference between 440 Hz and 432 Hz. The noticeable difference music lovers and musicians have noticed with music tuned in 432 Hz is that it is not only more beautiful and harmonious to the ears, but it also induces a more inward experience that is felt inside the body at the spine and heart. Music tuned in 440 Hz was felt as a more outward and mental experience, and was felt at the side of the head which projected outwards. Audiophiles have also stated that 432hz music seems to be non-local and can fill an entire room, whereas 440hz can be perceived as directional or linear in sound propagation.

I personally have enjoyed many bands, artists and styles of music even though they were tuning in 440 hz, however by comparing a few songs in both 432 hz and 440 hz, I can feel and hear the difference. I wouldn’t say that my experience of 440hz music has turned me into an aggressive person, but I can understand how an entire population being exposed to music that is more mind directed as opposed to heart directed—not to mention all of the materialistic and ego-driven lyrics in most popular music—is a perfect combination to maintain a more discordant frequency and state of consciousness within humanity.

It is said that the 432hz tuning vibrates with the universe’s golden mean PHI and unifies the properties of light, time, space, matter, gravity and magnetism with biology, the DNA code and consciousness. When our atoms and DNA start to resonate in harmony with the spiraling pattern of nature, our sense of connection to nature is magnified. Isn’t it about time we start embracing what is natural?

If you are interested in changing your music to 432 hz, it is possible to do so with a program called audacity. Here are the steps:

Open the music file with audacity audio software

  1. Click edit –> select all
  2. Click effect –> change pitch
  3. (At the line) Frequency (hz) from 440(type) to 432(type)
  4. Click ok
  5. Click file, either export as wav or mp3

Here is a program that can also do it for you: returnto432.com

Medical Veritas: http://www.medicalveritas.org/MedicalVeritas/Musical_Cult_Control.html
ZenGardner: http://www.zengardner.com/440hz-music-conspiracy-to-detune-us-from-natural-432hz-harmonics/
Why Don’t You Try This: http://www.whydontyoutrythis.com/2013/08/440hz-music-conspiracy-to-detune-good-vibrations-from-natural-432hz.html
Attuned Vibrations: http://attunedvibrations.com/432hz/
Humans Are Free: http://humansarefree.com/2011/05/432-hz-vs-440-hz-documentary.html

 - See more at: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2013/12/21/heres-why-you-should-convert-your-music-to-432hz/#sthash.0JMGb7Uj.dpuf

Lag mange av tingene du trenger i hverdagen selv! Spar penger og helse da det ikke blir laget av noen som kun tenker penger ved å selge oss ting med elendig kvalitet og fulle av tilsetningstoffer.


Tips ved Reg.reimbytte

Her er et tips jeg så på http://tv.nrk.no/serie/motorsoestre ang. reg.reimbytte. Det var en gammel mekaniker som blandet stålplast, puttet det i en plastpose og stappet posen i mellom kamdrevene. Når blandingen stivnet hadde han en kloss som låste drevene. Prøvde dette selv og det fungerte supert! Behøvde ikke bekymre meg om merkene. 





Vaskenøtter (Sapindus Mukorossi) vokser naturlig i India og Nepal. Skallet til disse nøttene inneholder stoffet saponin, som virker som såpe når det kommer i kontakt med varmt vann. Vaskenøtter rengjør klærne på en skånsom og naturlig måte; ingen duftstoffer eller tilsetningsstoffer, ingen kjemiske rester i klærne, ingen utslipp til vassdrag. Spesielt for mennesker med sensibel hud, barn, allergikere og miljøbevisste er vaskenøtter et økologisk alternativ til vanlige vaskemidler. Nysgjerrig? Nå er vaskenøtter også til salgs i Norge!

Hjemmelaget tannkrem


3 ss Aman Prana Extra Virgin Kokosnøttolje
3 ss natron
25 dråper med Helt Eterisk Peppermynteolje
2 ss vegetabilsk glyserin (fås kjøpt på apotek)
litt stevia, her kan du bruke enten pulver eller flytende. Ikke ta for mye! ( du kan eventuelt bruke xylitol)

Bland først sammen kokosnøttolje og natron. Så mikser du inn resten og lager en pasta. Oppbevares i en krukke med lokk.

Hjemmelaget såpe


2. desember: Hjemmelaget såpe

Hver dag i desember fram til juleaften vil søsteren min og jeg komme med tips til en hyggelig julegave du kan lage selv til en overkommelig pris. De andre lukene i Studenterhjemmets julegavekalender finner du her. Dagens tips kommer fra Kristine.

Tenk så fint med en såpe til julevasken!
Noe av tanken med denne julekalenderen er å finne forslag til hjemmelagde julegaver som kan lages på noen timer om kvelden, etter at dagens eksamenslesninger er unnagjort. Julegaveideen vi tar for oss i dag tar heller ikke så fryktelig mye tid, men hvis du aldri har laget såpe før kan du nok komme til å bruke litt mer enn en ettermiddag. Du er altså advart, men ikke la deg avskrekke!

Å lage såpe fra bunnen av er nemlig skikkelig gøy. Det er nesten magisk hvordan helt vanlig olje blir til såpe, bare ved å tilsette litt lut. For du tror vel ikke at vi lager såpe av ferdigkjøpt såpemasse? Å nei, da. Her skal det lages fra bunnen av!

Såpe blir altså til gjennom en reaksjon mellom fettsyrer og lut. Ulike oljer gir såpe med ulike egenskaper. Kokosfett, som jeg bruker her, gir en fast, hvit såpe som skummer mye. Såpe laget av kokosfett er gjerne litt hard mot huden, men det kan løses ved å bruke ekstra olje i oppskriften. Såpen jeg har oppskrift på her er 20% overfettet, det vil si at etter at all luten har reagert med fett er det fortsatt 20% olje igjen. Slik blir såpen mild og god!

Hovedingrediensen finner du på matbutikken. Kaustisk soda står ved siden av Plumbo i hylla med vaskemidler, og koster 35–40 kroner. Delfiafett finner du sammen med margarin, til omtrent 18 kr for 250 g. Noe mer enn dette trenger du strengt tatt ikke, men såpen blir jo aller best med litt duft. Til det kan du bruke eteriske oljer eller syntetiske duftoljer. Eteriske oljer fåes kjøpt på noen apoteker og helsekostbutikker, men er himla dyrt. Jeg har kjøpt mine på ebay. Andre duftoljer er heller ikke så voldsomt lett å få tak i, og typen som er laget til lys og "melt and pour"-såpe er ikke nødvendigvis så godt egnet i blanding med lut. For meg er nok ebay løsningen her også. Kanskje litt dårlig tid frem til jul, men det kan gå?
Jeg fikk ikke tatt noen skikkelige bilder av framgangsmåten, og anbefaler å ta en kikk på denne bloggen for en visuell gjennomgang. Men oppskriften; den får du her! Les igjennom det hele før du starter.

Du trenger:
Gryte i rustfritt stål
Noe å røre med (ikke av tre eller aluminium)
2 glass, kopper eller skåler
Oppvaskhansker og gjerne også briller

500 g delfiafett
150 g vann
73 g NaOH (kaustisk soda)
5–10 ml duftolje

Duftolje kan sløyfes. Ikke lag mindre oppskrift enn 500 g olje, da blir ikke lutmengden nøyaktig nok.  

Fór en passende form med bakepapir eller smør silikonformer med litt olje. Til denne oppskriften trenger du en eller flere former med et totalt volum på omtrent 7 dl.

Mål opp kaldt vann og putt i en skål eller et glass som tåler høy temperatur. Sett frem vekta og ta på verneutstyr. Mål opp NaOH, veldig nøyaktig, i en kopp. Tilsett sodaen til vannet, litt etter litt, mens du rører med noe som ikke er laget av tre eller allumunium. Det er veldig viktig at du putter kaustisk soda i vann, og ikke vann i kaustisk soda! Rør til alle NaOH-krystallene har løst seg opp. Ikke pust inn gassen som utvikler seg og ikke få lut på huden. Det kan være lurt å være ute, eller under vifta over ovnen.

Smelt kokosfettet i en kjele av rustfritt stål.

Reaksjonen mellom vann og NaOH er eksotermisk, det vil si at det utvikler seg varme. Luten vil derfor få en temperatur på 70-80 grader. Når du skal blande olje og lut er det viktig at de har omtrent samme temperatur. Dette kan du løse enten ved å varme opp oljen til samme temperatur som luten (bruk termometer!) eller vente til luten er avkjølt og blande når begge ingrediensene har romtemperatur. Jeg foretrekker det siste.

Når alt er klart heller du luten oppi olja. Så bruker du en stavmikser og mikser til blandingen blir omtrent like tykk som vaffelrøre. Forsøk å unngå å blande inn luft i røra, da kan det nemlig bli luftbobler i den ferdige såpa.

Deretter kan du tilsette duft , og så heller du hele sulamitten over i form. Såpa er fast etter omtrent et døgn i romtemperatur, og skjæres da opp i passende biter. Så må den modnes på et litt luftig sted i minst 2 uker, helst lenger, før den brukes. Før såpa har modnet inneholder den fortsatt lut, og er derfor ikke noe særlig å få på huden. Etterpå blir den derimot mild og fin!

Lykke til, og spør gjerne hvis noe er uklart!
Bytte batteri på Laptop

Oppskrift på solcellepanel

From the DIY workshop of Michael Harvey
Renewable energy enthusiasts
and co-founder of Earth4Energy.com

Hi, my name is Michael and I want to show you how to go green and save thousands at the same time.

f you are interested in learning exactly how to generate power and reduce your bill then this is the perfect resource for you! With the ever increasing costs of living, there is no better time than right now to stop throwing money out the window and start generating our own electricity.

Over the last few years I have figured out how to significantly reduce the cost of solar panels making it more affordable for the average home owner just like you. 

Now you can build a single panel or a complete array of panels to power your home for a fraction of retail cost.

I'm going to be your "solar mentor" and show you step-by-step how to make a solar panel. I'll also teach you my other secrets to renewable energy in an easy to follow format. 

Did you know? A basic solar installation from a retailer can take 30 years to pay back and cost you well over $20,000?

This is simply too much for many people to afford and the pay back time is far too long. This prompted me to do some research into how the solar panels are created and how I could make them myself.

I soon realized it was possible to make solar panels for MUCH cheaper than retail price, saving me a ton of money. Moreover, it was actually easier than I thought!

That's when I decided to develop this guide with my close friend Mark (A solar nut!). 

Keep reading to see what Mark and I have put together for you.

If you have already contacted your local solar supplier then I'm sure you already know how expensive installation can be.

You probably thought - "That's far too much for me to afford".

But now there is an easy to follow guide that will show you exactly how to make solar panels for much cheaper than retail cost. Mark and I developed this guide and DIY video series so people just like you can save thousands on your solar panel system.

This will help you build your own solar panel. You will learn how to make a solar panel that produces up to 120 watts. Moreover, you can then join these panels together to produce over 1KW of power.

Another thing to think about: After you install the solar panels on your home (off grid) the value of your home will increase by thousands.

You don't need to be a builder, anybody can make solar panels. It's not all that hard to make solar panels once you know a few industry secrets. Plus, our guide and videos are broken down into an easy to follow format that will walk you through step-by-step. 

After we created our solar panel guide we wanted to know if it was easy enough for the "Average joe" to follow.

We found 43 people (male and female) who were interested in solar but knew nothing about making panels, we gave them our guide and came back in a month to see what they have built.

All 43 of the "solar newbies" were able to create a well polished solar panel that generated enough electricity to run some household appliances!
Anybody can do this. Male, female and from any age group. This is a great opportunity to save money and go green at the same time.

A summary of what's included 
from Earth 4 Energy

Earth 4 Energy

Earth 4 Energy is the must have guide for those wanting to take revenge on their greedy electricity supplier and finally eliminate there over-prices bill...

Never before has DIY been more valuable and money saving then with this guide. Plus, you will be doing your part for the environment...
 Get the best solar cells at the best price possible...

Learn the Scaling secret to quickly increase your system output...

Learn how to store your free energy for later use...

 Plus many more DIY secrets...

Earth 4 Energy is the must have video series that is guaranteed to reduce your electric bill once and for all...

Plus, order before midnight on Wednesday January 16 
and you get the below bonuses for free:

Earth 4 Energy Video Series
FREE BONUS #1 - Value: $99

When you order today you will receive for free our freshly released video series.

In these super high quality videos you will look over my shoulder as I build a solar panel all on camera... 

Wel use screen captures and animations to explain everything you need to know about solar power. You won't find anything like this anywhere else.

This is a must have for your solar education.

Approx. runtime: 2 hours +
Videos included: 7

Below is a recent comment about our videos:

"Oh my word!!! I am NOT "blowing smoke" to make you feel good, that is simply an amazing video. The production value is off the charts, the content is excellent and it could easily be shown as a TV documentary (it's that good). 

I am literally blown away. You did a killer job on this."

Solar Sizing Calculator
FREE BONUS #2 - Value: $30

I personally created this custom solar sizing calculator when I was sizing my DIY system.

At the click of a button you will see how much of your energy bill your DIY solar panels will cover.

This custom calculator is now included for free...

Make a Windmill
FREE BONUS #3 - Value: $60

Order now and get my bonus guide to making a wind power generator for less than $100.

Usually sold at $60, this is now included as a free bonus.

Earth4Energy CD
FREE BONUS #4 - Value: $49.97

Not only will you get instant access after your purchase but we will also send you the Earth 4 Energy on CD for no additional charge...

Email Coaching Program 
for 1 Year

FREE BONUS #5 - Value: $27/m

Get access to my famous email coaching program for an entire year. We're experts and we would love to help you with your solar or wind project.

Total package value = $563
Todays discount = $513.03

Today only price = $49.97

I urge you to take advantage of the limited time price and get your copy of the Earth 4 Energy today. Big energy companies have gone too far and now it's our turn to fight back and save a fortune in the process.

Just click the add to cart button below and you will be taken to our secure servers. Our order processing is done via Clickbank, the largest online retailer of digital products. Clickbank uses encryption and secure servers to process your order and does not retain, share, store or use personally identifiable information for any secondary purposes.

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 I have read and understand your website terms and disclaimer.

 Now let me in! - Click the add to cart button below:



Do You Want To Know RIGHT NOW How You Can Drive Around Using WATER as FUEL and Laugh At Rising Gas Costs, While Reducing Emissions?


Hello, my name is Ozzie Freedom and I'm the Founder of water4gas and the author of the original water4gasbooks that sold over 55,000 copies since 2006. In my estimation I reached at least 10 million people with this technology, through my readers and students. Since then we have had many copycats, but none captured the simplicity and affordability of the original water4gas. Therefore, we are now releasing a revised version of the books - we made it simpler to implement in your car, truck, portable generator, stationary generator, scooter, boat and farm machines.


  Convert Your Car, Truck & Generator to BURN WATER with Fuel. Boost Your Mileage! Great for Diesel:)


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Water4gas does not claim or imply that HHO kits are legal for use on public roads in your city, county, state or country. If any legal question, please do contact your own county or state to clarify and find out if the use of an HHO kit in your vehicle on public roads is allowed in your area.


Did you know that you can convert your car to a 
water-burning car?

 This is a Do-It-Yourself technology, EASY - you can do at home with simple tools.
 Very affordable: system between $50-$200.
 Water is supplemental to gasoline. You still use gasoline or diesel fuel, but many have achieved double mileage(although there is no promise since this is all experimental). This means, now more than half the energy comes from water!

 SIMPLE to install/remove: the solution you've been looking for!
 Boost performance while preventing smog.
 We even have for you a dozen blueprints for 100% water cars
 You'll discover how to generate free energy in your car. 
 You will find what others are saying about their mileage gains with Water4Gas system
 Here you will find out how it works and get your questions answered such as:

 Enjoy risk-free shopping with 100% Cash Back Guarantee and totally secure shopping.
 More affordable than any other technology that uses water to run a car - and in the next 10 minutes you will discover exactly HOW this is possible.

10-Disc Water4Gas DVD Set 
Our Price: $99.00
water4gas Complete eBook Set 
Our Price: $97.00
Mason Jar Starter System 
Our Price: $149.00

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