Kryon 2022 - The Dark Days of Light
The Sirian Revelations: An Interview with Patricia Cori
Michael Salla : In 1996, Patricia Cori had a transformative experience during a visit to a crop circle in England that opened the door to contact with a highly evolved group of extraterrestrials called the Sirian High Council. In her subsequent communications she learned a great deal about the trinary Sirian star system, Earth's true history, Atlantis, Nibiru, Annunaki, and multiple extraterrestrial civilizations seeding Earth in a great experiment. Patricia wrote 12 best selling books detailing her communications and ground breaking analyses which contained information more than a decade ahead of the curve on many controversial issues confronting humanity today. Her challenging information and bold analyses pushed the envelope too far as far as covert authorities hiding the truth about extraterrestrial visitation were concerned. This shadowy control group orchestrated the removal of her 12 books from public circulation in a breath taking act of censorship using a change of company ownership and cancel culture as the covers. In this Exopolitics Today interview with Dr. Michael Salla, Patricia goes into details about her background, initial contact with the Sirian High Council, their ground breaking information, her best selling books, and the cancel culture censorship she experienced when her publishing company underwent an ownership change. Patricia Cori's website is
Gregg Braden - 2012 & Beyond: The Ancients Never Said the World Will End
Gregg Braden, in partnership with Arlington Institute, proudly presents a brand new What’s Up Series, featuring John L. Petersen and Gregg Barden. Eps 1 Topics Discussed: 2012 & Beyond - Understanding the Mayan End of Calendar meaning Global Economy Imposing ‘ THEIR ‘ ideas and opinions on Humanity Repeating the Evens of the Past Stay Connected Official website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
Who Was King Bulan of Khazaria? Jewish Biography as History Dr. Henry Abramson
History lecture on the conversion of the Khazar empire to Judaism by Dr. Henry Abramson. More lectures available at
All Native American PROPHECIES Are Coming True!
Russell Means, Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman, Elder Dave Swallow Jr. & Chief Oren Lyons are warning us in this compilation. Please don't ignore this message - the prophecies are coming true and we need to change our ways right now!
The Alberino Analysis - CERN: Occult Conspiracy

Bases 46 Harald Kautz Vella Black Goo Part One

Store demonstrasjoner i Irland ang. skatt på vann
Forgive The Illuminati. Let go and remember Christ Consciousness.
The Real You - Alan Watts
Allan Watts Existance is VERY weird Are you awake yet
Vinnie Paz - End of Days

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Dette var helt fantastisk og omfattende lesning.Jeg er over gjennomsnittet interessert i helse " sannheter" da jeg har arbeidet i off.helsev.i ca.30 å.

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