Yoga er en helhetlig metode, som ved bruk av fysiske stillinger/øvelser, puste-
teknikker, dybdeavspenning og meditasjon, styrker kropp og sinn på en balansert og naturlig måte. Du kommer i form og blir smidig, muskler, ledd og skjelett styrkes, sirkulasjonen stimuleres og de indre organer vedlikeholdes. Ved å praktisere yoga får du mer energi, økt velvære og bedre konsentrasjonsevne. Du lærer også å håndtere stress.



Div. Yoga kurs


Jay Ma Yoga er en visjon. En visjon med utgangspunkt i en erfaring. En visjonen som etter hvert realiserer seg, slik at det frøet som ble sådd av en sjelssettende yogaopplevelse spirte, utviklet seg og nå blomstrer. Kundalini yoga har blitt en livsform, en praksis og en anledning for meg til å integrere og dele. På denne måten har mitt tidligere yrkesliv, ulike utdannelser og arbeidserfaring blitt aspekter på et mangfold av yogatilbud. Vær varmt velkommen til å undersøke disse tilbudene og ta kontakt dersom noe av det skulle vise seg å svare til et behov du kunne ha.


Jay Ma Yoga is a vision. A vision based on an experiece. A vision that gradually materialized, allowing the seed that had been envoked by a truly remarkable yoga initiation, germinated,  developed and is now in flower. Kundalini Yoga has become a way of living for me, a practice and an opportunity to merge and to share the fruits of my own remarkable recovery from MS and experiences with a multitude of yogic practices. Here, my previous educations and occupations become aspects on a diversity of yoga services I can share. Be warmly welcome to explore these offers and do not hesitate to contact me if any one of them should seem to meet a personal need of yours.

Sat Nam
An-Magritt Seeland

Jay Ma Yoga
Bassengveien 7 / 2821 Gjøvik
+47 928 66 211



Radical Devotion


Music for awakening

Radical Devotion is from the north were the winters can be white and cold and the prana is fresh.
Meditative music with roots in western culture and with inspiration from the wisdom of the east.

Radical Devotion plays kirtans/bhajans, concerts and soundhealing.

Ancient methods of healing sound and mantras is expressed in a modern context
with the intention to support awakening with sound and music as a spiritual practice.


7 Reasons You Should Practice Yoga

by Elizabeth Renter

Do you really need an excuse to practice the stress-relieving, flexibility-improving, general greatness that is yoga? This centuries-old practice has taken on incredible life in the West and it seems if you aren’t doing yoga, you are the odd one out. Fortunately, it’s never too late to pick up a new and healthy habit. If you need a reason to practice yoga, here are seven.

1. Flexibility

Yoga increases range of motion, mobility, and general flexibility. This doesn’t only make daily activities easier, it can also help reduce aches and pains associated with inactivity or a rigorous fitness training program. As the Yoga Health Foundation reports, yoga can actually increase elasticity in your muscles and connective tissues.

2. Breath Consciousness

We breathe all day, every day, for as long as we live (life kind of depends on it). Yoga brings awareness breathing and can help you recognize the power associated with breath control and consciousness. Many ancient meditation practices begin and end with breath control

3. Reduced Stress

Yoga, like many forms of exercise, can help reduce stress. It combines fitness, meditation and deep breathing to give you a multi-pronged approach to stress relief.

4. Muscle Definition and Strength

Yoga is one of the best body weight exercises you can do. It helps build strong muscles without the expensive and potentially-dangerous equipment.

5. Improved Circulation

As you stretch and work all of the muscles involved in the various yoga poses, you are helping encourage healthy blood circulation. Oxygenated blood rushes to all of your cells more efficiently when you are in good shape.

Read: 4 Yoga Poses to Help Detoxify the Liver

6. Pain Relief

Research has linked yoga practice with a reduction in pain for people suffering with arthritis, cancer, MS, auto-immune diseases and other chronic pain conditions.

7. Profound Inner Peace

Yoga is meditation in motion. It focuses your attention on the here-and-now, helping to create a more balanced mind-body-spirit connection.

Each yoga practitioner seems to have their own personal reasons for loving the practice. As you learn and grow through yoga, you’ll no doubt develop your own. If you already love yoga, tell us why in the comments!

Why Awaken Kundalini?


 Everybody should know something about kundalini as it represents the coming consciousness of mankind. Kundalini is the name of a sleeping dormant potential force in the human organism and it is situated at the root of the spinal column. In the masculine body it is in the perineum, between the urinary and excretory organs. In the female body its location is at the root of the uterus, in the cervix. This center is known as mooladhara chakra and it is actually a physical structure. It is a small gland which you can even take out and press. However, kundalini is a dormant energy, and even if you press it, it will not explode like a bomb.

To awaken kundalini you must prepare yourself through yogic techniques. You must practise asanas, pranayanas, kriya yoga and meditation. Then, when you are able to force your prana into the seat of kundalini, the energy wakes up and makes its way through sushumna nadi, the central nervous canal, to the brain. As kundalini ascends, it passes through each of the chakras which are interconnected with the different silent areas of the brain. With the awakening of kundalini there is an explosion in the brain as the dormant or sleeping areas start blossoming like flowers. Therefore, kundalini can be equated with the awakening of the silent areas of the brain.

Although kundalini is said to reside in mooladhara chakra, we are all at different stages of evolution, and in some of us kundalini may have already reached swadhisthana, manipura or anahata chakra. If this is so, whatever sadhana you do now might start an awakening in anahata or some other chakra. However, awakening of kundalini in mooladhara chakra is one thing, and awakening in sahasrara, the highest center of the brain, is another.

Once the multipetalled lotus of sahasrara blossoms, a new consciousness dawns. Our present consciousness is not independent, as the mind depends on the information supplied by the senses. If you have no eyes, you can never see; if you are deaf, you will never hear. However, when the superconsciousness emerges, experience becomes completely independent and knowledge also becomes completely independent.



How man discovered Kundalini
Right from the beginning of creation, man witnessed many transcendental happenings. Sometimes he was able to read the thoughts of others, he witnessed somebody else’s predictions coming true, or he may even have seen his own dreams manifesting into realities. He pondered over the fact that some people could write inspiring poems or compose beautiful music whereas others couldn’t; one person could fight on the battlefield for days together and another person couldn’t even get up from his bed. So he wanted to discover why everybody seemed to be different.

In the course of his investigations, man came to understand that within every individual there is a special form of energy. He saw that in some people it was dormant, in others it was evolving and in a very small minority of people, it was actually awakened. Originally, man named this energy after gods, goddesses, angels or divinities. Then he discovered prana and called it prana shakti. In tantra they called it kundalini.


What the various names for Kundalini mean
In Sanskrit, Kundal means a coil, and so kundalini has been described as ‘that which is coiled’. This is the traditional belief; but it has been incorrectly understood. The word Kundalini actually comes from the word kunda, meaning ‘a deeper place, pit or cavity’. The fire used in the ceremony of initiation is kindled in a pit called kunda. Similarly, the place where a dead body is burned is kunda. If you dig a ditch or a hole it is called kunda. Kunda refers to the concave cavity in which the brain, resembling a coiled and sleeping serpent, nestles. (If you have the opportunity of examining a dissection of the human brain you will see that it is in the form of a coil or snake curled up upon itself.) This is the true meaning of kundalini.

The word kundalini refers to the shakti or power when it is in its dormant potential state, but when it is manifesting, you can call it Devi, Kali, Durga, Saraswati, Lakshmi or any other name according to the manifestation it is exhibiting before you.

In the Christian tradition, the terms ‘the Path of the Initiates’ and ‘the Stairway to Heaven’ used in the Bible, refer to kundalini’s ascent through sushumna nadi. The ascent of kundalini and ultimately, the descent of spiritual grace, are symbolized by the cross. This is why Christians make the sign of the cross at ajna, anahata and vishuddhi chakras, for ajna is the center where the ascending consciousness is transcended and anahata is where the descending grace is made manifest to the world.

Whatever happens in spiritual life, it is related to the awakening of kundalini. And the goal of every form of spiritual life, whether you call it samadhi, nirvana, moksha, communion, union, kaivalya, liberation or whatever, is in fact awakening of kundalini.

Kundalini, Kali and Durga
When kundalini has just awakened and you are not able to handle it, it is called Kali. When you can handle it and are able to use it for beneficial purposes and you become powerful on account of it, it is called Durga.

Kali is a female deity, naked, black or smoky in color, wearing a mala of 108 human skulls, representing the memories of different births. Kali’s lolling tongue of blood red color signifies the rajo guna whose circular movement gives impetus to all creative activities. By this specific gesture, she is exhorting the sadhakas to control their rajo guna. The sacrificial sword and the severed head, held by the left hand are the symbols of dissolution. Darkness and death are by no means the mere absence of light and life, rather, they are their origin. The sadhaka worships the cosmic power in its female form, for she represents the kinetic aspect, the masculine being the static which is activated only through her power.

In Hindu mythology, the awakening of Kali has been described in great detail When Kali rises in red anger, all the gods and demons are stunned and every body keeps quiet. They do not know what she is going to do. They ask Lord Shiva to pacify her, but Kali roars ferociously, throwing him down and standing on his chest with her mouth wide open, thirsty for flesh and blood. When the devas hold prayers to pacify Kali, she becomes calm and quiet.

Then there is the emergence of Durga, the higher, more refined and benign symbol of the unconscious. Durga is a beautiful goddess seated on a tiger. She has 8 hands representing the eightfold elements of man. Durga wears a mala of human heads to symbolize her wisdom and power. These heads are generally 52 in number, representing the 52 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, which are the outer manifestations of Shabda Brahma or Brahma in the form of sound. Durga is the remover of all evil consequences of life and the giver of power and peace that is released from mooladhara.

According to yoga philosophy, Kali, the first manifestation of the unconscious kundalini is a terrible power; it completely subdues the individual soul, represented by her standing on Lord Shiva.

It sometimes happens that by mental instability, some people get in contact with their unconscious body and see inauspicious, ferocious elements— ghosts, monsters, etc. When Kali, the unconscious power of man, is awakened she goes up to meet the further manifestation, being Durga, the superconscious, bestowing glory and beauty.


Symbolic representation of Kundalini
In the tantric texts, kundalini is conceived of as the primal power or energy. In terms of modern psychology, it can be called the unconscious in man. As we have just discussed, in Hindu mythology, kundalini corresponds with the concept of Kali. In the philosophy of Shaivism, the concept of kundalini is represented by the shivalingam, the oval-shaped stone or pillar with a snake coiled around it.

However, most commonly, kundalini is illustrated as a sleeping serpent coiled three and a half times. Of course there is no serpent residing in mooladhara, sahasrara or any other chakra, but the serpent has always been a symbol for efficient consciousness. In all the oldest mystic cults of the world you find the serpent, and if you have seen any pictures or images of Lord Shiva, you will have noticed serpents girdling his waist, neck and arms. Kali is also adorned with serpents and Lord Vishnu eternally reposes on a large coiled serpent.

This serpent power symbolizes the unconscious in man. In Scandinavian, European, Latin American and Middle Eastern countries and many different civilizations of the world, the concept of the serpent power is represented in monuments and ancient artifacts. This means kundalini was known to people from all parts of the world in the past.

However, we can conceive kundalini in any manner we like because actually, prana has no form or dimension, it is infinite.

In the traditional descriptions of kundaljni awakening, it is said that kundalini resides in mooladhara in the form of a coiled snake and when the snake awakens it uncoils and shoots up through sushumna (the psychic passage in the center of the spinal cord), opening the other chakras as it goes. (See Sir John Woodroffe’s The Serpent Power.)

Brahmachari Swami Vyasdev, in his book Science of the Soul, describes the awakening of kundalini in the following way:

“Sadhakas have seen the sushumna in the form of a luminous rod or pillar, a golden yellow snake, or sometimes as a shining black snake about ten inches long with blood red eyes like smouldering charcoal, the front part of the tongue vibrating and shining like lightning, ascending the spinal column.”

The meaning of the coils of the serpent is as follows: The 3 coils represent the 3 matras of Om, which relate to past, present and future; to the gunas: tamas, rajas and sattva; to the 3 states of consciousness: waking, sleeping and dreaming; and to the types of experience: subjective experience, sensual experience and absence of experience. The 1/2 coil represents the state of transcendence, where there is neither waking, sleeping nor dreaming. So, the 3 1/2 coils signify the total experience of the universe and the experience of transcendence.


Who can awaken Kundalini?
There are many people who have awakened their kundalini. Not only saints and sadhus, but poets, painters, warriors, writers, anyone can awaken their kundalini. With the awakening of kundalini, not only visions of God take place, there is dawning of creative intelligence and an awakening of supramental faculties. By activating kundalini you may become anything in life.

The energy of kundalini is one energy, but it expresses itself differently through the individual psychic centers or chakras— first in gross instinctive ways and then in progressively more subtle ways. Refining of the expression of this energy at higher and more subtle levels of vibration represents the ascent of human consciousness to its highest possibilities.

Kundalini is the creative energy; it is the energy of self-expression. Just as in reproduction a new life is created, in the same way, someone like Einstein uses that same energy in a different, more subtle realm, to create a theory like relativity. It is the same energy that is expressed when someone composes or plays beautiful music. It is the same energy which is expressed in all parts of life, whether it is building up a business, fulfilling the family duties or reaching whatever goal you aspire for. These are all expressions of the same creative energy.

Everybody, whether householder or sannyasin, must remember that awakening of kundalini is the prime purpose of human incarnation. All the pleasures of sensual life which we are enjoying now are intended only to enhance the awakening of kundalini amidst the adverse circumstances of man’s life.


A process of metamorphosis
With the awakening of kundalini, a transformation takes place in life. It has little to do with one’s moral, religious or ethical life. It has more to do with the quality of our experiences and perceptions. When kundalini wakes up your mind changes and your priorities and attachments also change. All your karmas undergo a process of integration.

It is very simple to understand. When you were a child you loved toys, but why don’t you love them now? Because your mind has changed and consequently, your attachments have also changed. So, with the awakening of kundalini, a metamorphosis takes place. There is even the possibility of restructuring the entire physical body. When kundalini awakens, the physical body actually undergoes many changes.

Generally they are positive, but if your guru is not cautious, they can be negative also. When the shakti wakes up, the cells in the body are completely charged and a process of rejuvenation also starts. The voice changes, the smell of the body changes and the hormonal secretions also change. In fact, the transformation of cells in the body and brain takes place at a much higher rate than normal. These are just a few observations. However, scientific researchers are still taking their first steps into this field.


Why awaken Kundalini?
If you want to take up the practice of kundalini yoga, the most important thing is that you have a reason or an aim. If you want to awaken kundalini for psychic powers, then please go ahead with your own destiny. But if you want to awaken kundalini in order to enjoy communion between Shiva and Shakti, the actual communion between the two great forces within you, and if you want to enter samadhi and experience the absolute in the cosmos, and if you want to understand the truth behind the appearance, and if the purpose of your pilgrimage is very great, then there is nothing that can come to you as an obstacle.

By means of kundalini awakening, you are compensating with the laws of nature and speeding up the pace of your physical, mental and spiritual evolution. Once the great shakti awakens, man is no longer a gross physical body operating with a lower mind and low voltage prana. Instead, every cell of his body is charged with the high voltage prana of kundalini. And when total awakening occurs, man becomes a junior god, an embodiment of divinity.”

~Swami Satyananda Saraswati (Excerpt from Kundalini Tantra)

Kundalini : Ancient Technology for Modern Times - Gopi Krishna

Saraswati, Satyananda. Kundalini Tantra. Munder, Bihar: Bihar School of Yoga, 1996. Print.

Petty, A. Kundalini Rising: Exploring the Chakra/Asanas Connection. Kitsune Books, 2007. Print.

Guru Rattana - Europe 2014

Guru Rattana - Europe 2014

Between September and November 2014 Guru Rattana, Ph.D. will be touring Europe, sharing her wisdom, healing presence and the Kundalini Yoga and Meditation of Yogi Bhajan. She is teaching two Gift of Womanhood retreats in Turkey, one for Russian speaking students and one for English speaking students. She will also be teaching Your Life is in Your Chakras / Inner Art of Awareness Level 1 Teacher Training. She is offering Your Life is in Your Chakras workshops in 4 cities.

This is a unique opportunity to meet Guru Rattana in person and experience the magic of her teachings. Places are still available at all these events. Below please find her itinerary and contact details.


FLOW (Datca) - Mediterranean/Aegean

Gift of Womanhood Russian Teacher Training

For Russian-speaking students
September 20 - October 1
Contact: Hari Kartar Kaur - Yoga Express -

The Gift of Womanhood Retreat

A special course devoted to nurturing and supporting the inner empowerment of women.
October 18-25
Contact: Dilara Selimoglu -
(+90) 533 582 5760



Your Life Is in Your Chakras

November 1-2

Contact: Clara Nestor/Hari Kaur - Tel: (+46) 31 148509

HUDDINGE - Yogaval

Your Path to Inner Peace

November 5 - 18:00-21:00

Contact: Tom Jensen - Tel: 073 564 00 86

STOCKHOLM - Kundaliniyoga Institutet

Your Life Is in Your Chakras

November 8-9

Contact: Mella Mata - Tel: +46 7 052 405 57



Your Life Is in Your Chakras

November 15 - 16

Contact: Clara Nestor/Hari Kaur - Tel: (+46) 31 148509



Your Life Is in Your Chakras

November 22 - 23

Contact: Linda Angen / Liv Avtar Kaur - Tel: +47 9365 3101

Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa og yoga-workshop.

Det var en god stemning i salen. Nyttig informasjon og ei god økt med Yoga gjorde at dette ble en vellykket og fin kveld og en stor takk til de som har jobbet med å få dette til! Terje.

Yoga-feber i Gjøvik

INSPIRERTE FORSAMLINGEN: Talerstol og fagforeningstaler var for anledningen byttet ut med Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa og yoga-workshop.


  •  Kundalini yoga er øvelse i mindfulness.
  •  Basert på en avhandling skrevet av Sivananda Saraswati i 1935.
  •  Kundalini yoga er påvirket av tantra- og shakta-skolene innen Hinduismen.
  •  Fokuserer blant annet på aktivitet i ryggraden, trykksetting av kroppen og pusteteknikk.

Onsdag kveld var det workshop med kundalini yoga i festsalen på Gjøvik Arbeidersamfund.

Nærmere 100 deltakere var påmeldt til det som skulle bli en kveld med harmoni, filosofi og en rekke øvelser.


Slår an i Gjøvik

Wenche Grøndahl forteller at denne type yoga har slått godt an blant gjøvikenserne.

– Det er egentlig Linda Angen på Toten treningssenter som har dratt i gang dette. Dette er en yogaform som passer for alle og gir raske resultater. Det har tydeligvis slått an her i Gjøvik. Nå er det nesten like mange yogalærere her som i Oslo, sa hun.

Kundalini yoga jobber med helheten, og her er det fokus både på det fysiske og mentale.

– Det jobbes mye med pusteteknikk og forskjellige kombinasjoner av håndstillinger. Det er full pakke, fortalte Grøndahl.



Populær workshop

Talerstol og kvasse paroler var i går kveld byttet ut med Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa og reisen til det indre. Linda Angen introduserte guruen for deltakerne.

– Det er artig at det kom såpass mange, sa hun til OA.

Hun har selv hatt Guru Dharam som lærer og fortalte hvordan hun kom i kontakt med denne formen for yoga. Guruen ga deltakerne et innblikk i filosofien bak kundalini yoga.

– For omtrent ett år siden hadde vi et skifte til Aquarius' tidsalder, sa han og fortalte videre om kulturen og hvordan disse tidsepokene deles inn.

– I denne tidsalderen skal vi leve et liv basert på hjertet og ikke bare hodet, fastslo Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa.

kundalini yoga

Hva er Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga er en unik og komplett form for yoga og passer for deg som ønsker å kombinere allsidige og dynamiske yogaøvelser med en mer åndelig praksis og inspirasjon. Kundalini Yoga blir ofte kalt "yogaen for bevissthet". Dette er fordi denne formen for yoga, i tillegg til fysisk trening, fokuserer mer på å øke vår bevissthet og tilstedeværelse, både i oss selv og i samspill med verden rundt oss. 

Kundalini yoga lærer deg hvordan du kan oppnå et sterkt nervesystem, god blodsirkulasjon og et vitalt og effektivt immun og hormonsystem.

Andre positive virkninger av Kundalini Yoga

  • Økt konsentrasjon og tilstedeværelse
  • Mer energi og overskudd
  • Sterk kjernemuskulatur
  • Økt fleksibillitet
  • Indre ro
  • Bedre hukommelse
  • Bedre søvn

Flere vitenskapelige undersøkelser er blitt gjort av Kundalini Yoga's kraftfulle og medisinske effekter på både kropp og psyke. "Medisinsk Yoga" som er blitt ganske populært i både Norge og Sverige, har sitt utspring fra Kundalini Yoga som lært av Yogi Bhajan. Det er denne klassiske formen for Kundalini Yoga som praktiseres hos oss ved Me within Me i Oslo og Hønefoss. 

Det er også gjort erfaringer på at Kundalini Yoga kan hjelpe mot angstlidelser, ME, MS, ryggproblematikk og ulike former for avhengighet.

Med jevnlig praksis vil du etterhvert merke at du får en økt bevissthet og tilstedeværelse, og at du opplever mer overskudd til å kunne møte både deg selv, dine omgivelser og hverdagens utfordringer. Kundalini Yoga er et effektiv redskap for stressmestring med øvelser som hjelper deg å ta i bruk dine indre ressurser og utnytte ditt potensiale som menneske.  

Kundalini yoga har ingen fast serie med øvelser i motsetning til yogaformer som bl.a. Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Virya og Klassisk Hatha Yoga, som ofte følger spesifikke sekvenser av yogaøvelser. Kundalini Yoga består av et bredt spekter av ulike Kriya's (yogaset) som hver for seg jobber med ulike aspekter av vår fysiske, emosjonelle og mentale helse. Hver time hos Me within Me er annerledes bygd opp og har et nytt tema som vi jobber utfra.

Kundalini Yoga arbeider med å aktivere flyten av Prana, vår egen livsenergi og indre kraft, gjennom fysiske yoga øvelser, meditasjon, pust og lydvibrasjoner. Kundalini Yoga består av et rikt mangfold av effektive yogiske øvelser og teknikker som bevisst gir gode og raske resultater.

For hvem
Kundalini yoga er for alle, uansett helse, alder, religiøs tilknytning og situasjon, og passer like godt for menn som for kvinner! Det brede utvalget av forskjellige teknikker og retningslinjer gjør at det er noe å finne for alle og enhver.   

Hva er effekten av Kundalini yoga
Kundalini yoga er et hjelpemiddel som er med på å vekke din bevissthet og bringe deg nærmere deg selv. Øvelsene vi gjør har en sterk og rensende effekt hvor ikke bare giftstoffer blir skilt ut, men det blir også skapt rom for at stress, frykt,  frustrasjoner og eventuell smerte kan komme til overflaten. Teknikkene vi gjør kan hjelpe deg med å bevisstgjøre og dermed akseptere og endre din fysiske, mentale og emosjonelle tilstand, samtidig som du faller mer til ro i deg selv. Kursene passer også for deg som ønsker å skape et stille rom i uken med plass for å integrere hverdagens krav og samtidig være i en inspirerende setting med andre mennesker.


Kundalini Yoga Information

"For thousands of years yogis preserved and carefully guarded the knowledge of the inner and outer workings of a human being, very cautiously revealing the technology, selectively passing it down verbally from Master to chosen disciple. They were selective because knowledge gives power, and power can corrupt. Kundalini Yoga was always kept very secret. It was never taught publicly until 1969, When Yogi Bhajan challenged the ages-old tradition of secrecy.


This Yoga deals specifically with the most powerful thing in the universe, the basic life energy, prana. Prana is the sub-atomic energy, the life force. Kundalini Yoga is the path of discovery of the source of the prana in us and teaches us how to use it. We harness the mental, physical and nervous energies of the body and put them under the domain of the will, which is the instrument of the soul.


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The Mahan Tantric,
Yogi Bhajan

has put the technology of White Tantric Yoga, the Z force, the diagonal energy, on videotape.

Tratakum Gazing Mediation - this form of meditation involves Gazing into the eyes of a neutral person, such as Yogi Bhajan. It is a powerful technique to focus pranic energy and increase the ability to concentrate.


Yogi Bhajan

Master of Kundalini Yoga


"The Power of 
This Yoga"

lies in the actual experience. It goes right into your heart and extends your consciousness so you may have a wider horizon of grace and of knowing the truth.
"Ultimately you come to understand your existence in relationship to the universe."
~ Yogi Bhajan

Introduction to the Aquarian Age with

Yogi Bhajan

Morning Sadhana. is explained in this section and what we chant, why for how long. Why we don't cut our hair, the different turban styles, and how to tie them Basics, Harijiwan teaching for over 30 years talks about moving into theAquarian Age which we are still doing.

You tubes are classes taught by Master Teachers of 25 to over 30 years, you can watch them and listen to them and learn. Links has 3HO, KRI, early stories of Yogi Bhajan, where to buy karas, insurance, spiritual names, gongsand so forth. There are mobile links.



Mantras are chanted in a special language, Gurmukhi, that connects us with the inner sound current. There are 84 meridian points on the roof of the mouth which the tongue stimulates.


Master Teachers

Master Teachers Location - find one near you.

Books There are Table of Contents,Teachers Training Manual, and theTeachers Train Manual Index.

Energy Awakening


The meaning of Wahe Guru and when was it first used.

We are all interested in Love, Marriage and Soul Mates, our whole lives.

Alzheimer's and Kundalini Yoga

And to be safe from harm, there is a mantra to put around yourself, your car, your house and your kids, throw in the neighborhood Protection Mantra for all of us.

Kundalini Yoga for Kids and Elders And it also includes Chair Yoga and Fitness Training for Elders.

Gongs can be found on the: Products Page.

Our Master Teachers have some great,You tube Classes and watch and learn them teach.

Most of us can use a little bit more MoneyEasy Prosperity Mantra.


The Health Index

will tell you what book, or website you can find an answer to a health question. How to get rid of Acid Reflux.

Cold Depression. is when nothing matters - everything lacks meaning, too much to do, that is you don't know you are depressed,.

There are two early 1969 talks that Yogi Bhjan gave, Guru Nanks Birthday Talk and the 1969 Christmas Talk.


A Great Breathing Technique That Can Apparently Prolong Your Life (Article), and Baba Ramdev

The article below is a great one for health. Such a simple breathing technique that can prolong your life supposedly. Whether or not it does, breathing techniques are very beneficial overall for so many aspects of health.

I have a DVD of an Indian Yoga ‘guru’ call Bab Ramdev, and he is well known for teaching this very breathing technique, which in Sanskrit is called “Anulom Vilom Pranayama”. Baba Ramdev also went on hungar strike in 2012 against corruption. Here you can see this breathing technique in practice:

Baba Ramdev – Anulom Vilom Pranayama – Yoga Exercise

And here is the article…

Happy Breathing!

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How One Simple Breathing Technique Can Prolong Your Life: Nadi Shodhana

In a recent six-year study conducted on over 2800 men from Copenhagen, Denmark, scientists discovered that the resting heart rate has a whole lot to do with the length of our lives. Ancient yogis knew this too, when they pointed to elephants and other large mammals with slow breathing rates and slow-beating hearts that lived to be over 100. Conversely, animals like dogs and squirrels live short lives because their hearts beat faster and their resting heart rates are often higher.....mer:


Medisinsk yoga

Medisinsk yoga – mot stress og utbrenthet

Medisinsk Yoga er en terapeutisk yogaform som har sitt utspring fra Nord-India og Tibet. Medisinsk Yoga er utviklet under klinisk / terapeutisk arbeid med mennesker ved Medisinsk Yoga i Stockholm IMY, og gjennom kursvirksomhet med titusenvis av deltakere på flere hundre svenske arbeidsplasser siden begynnelsen av 1996.

Link til Medisinsk yoga


"The color white represents the seven colors. Cotton is the flower of the Earth. It is good for your psyche, for your energy, and for your nervous system. Your way of dressing should be saintly and make you glow with grace. You should look like a sage and a prince or princess of peace and divinity." ~ Yogi Bhajan


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