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“We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God’s good time, the new world, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”. WINSTON CHURCHILL.   House of Commons – 4 June 1940

It may seem strange choosing this statement by Churchill, who was faced with whether to surrender to Hitler or to fight to the end for this article, but as will be seen, this battle “against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world” continues in the reappearance in broad daylight of fascism in our fellow man and rampant tyranny suddenly everywhere.

Your mission should you decide to accept it… is to see beneath the Putin ‘troop withdrawal’, cyber attack on Ukraine and arrival of American troops (1000?) into what is really going on.

If Trump is actually Commander-in-Chief, he won’t be sitting idle during this time. Are the troops on site to go into the underground bases and the tunnel system known to be inside Ukraine?  Now that troops from both sides are ‘in place’ what is their real operation?

This whole drama over Ukraine must be cover for something…What is it?  Any leaks or signs indicating what’s really going on?

Under cover of retreat what are our soldiers doing there?

We need real intel.  Not the lies of mainstream nor the clever misdirects of Trump and white hats….Will we ever get it?  Are we to believe the advances and war games of the last weeks are simply a practice run?  Is this really about pipelines in this twenty-first century?

The above article implicates the U.S. as being instrumental in forcing the situation in Ukraine by emphasizing the NATO ties with Germany and France.  Where Russia offers access to gas (and oil?) but is unable to sell to Europe.  China is kept at bay and also unable to get into the pipeline supply game with Europe.  And Ukraine and Crimea are encouraged to join NATO which would deter them from doing business with Russia or China….

Something like that appears to be going on centered on energy sales and consumption in Europe where the U.S. has some direct connection to be able to dominate that market through ties to NATO.

What is really going on here?  Bottomline is the stand-off over Ukraine actually engineered by the U.S. and is Russia simply reacting to U.S. being a bully in their ‘backyard’. Is this really the game?

It also appears Biden (or his facsimile puppet or clone of the globalists/Soros et al) merely continuing his “family” relationship with Ukraine to further the U.S. hold over them, placing Biden/Globalists in direct opposition to Putin?

So the real opposition here appears to be a Putin/Russia anti-globalist stance which manifests with a fight over Ukraine and Crimea on Russia’s borders…Border countries which form a sort of buffer zone from globalist/Rothschild controlled Europe.

In reality Russia and the U.S. are more aligned here than the U.S. is with France or Germany.  Because both France and Germany are dominated by the Rothschild black magician globalists.

The Biden administration actually reflects the globalist incursion and takeover of the U.S. acting in alignment with France and Germany while the U.S. military under Trump would be aligned with Putin in an anti-globalist stance.  Putin is the friend of the Patriots in America under Trump because we have similar interests which are centered on keeping the globalists out of our countries and resisting their attempts to dominate us.

So what we really have that the ZeroHedge article tries to walk around but never actually addresses, is a war that is now worldwide between the China/Globalist Europe versus a sovereign Russia/US alliance.

This is where the lines of war play out and begin to coalesce such that for the NWO to succeed both Russia and the U.S. have to be conquered by the China/Globalist/Biden alliance.  In this case the Biden administration is like a disease that has infiltrated the U.S. borders (also represented by Clintons/Obama/Bush/Rockefeller families). The real U.S. is actually under Trump.

The Biden family business with China and Ukraine is simply the latest version of the Clinton/Obama/Bush/Rockefeller/Soros agenda.

And the business of the globalists is the Luciferan/Satanic pedo/blood/adrenochrome dependent regimes who want to rule over the world and the thorn in their plan is the Russia/U.S. under Trump and the Patriots alliance.

At the absolute center of this fight over “energy” is really the vampire regimes versus the energy self sufficient secret space alliance between Russia and the U.S. Space Force under Trump and the Patriots.

Other countries factor in only so far as how they align themselves or are forced into alliance with one dominant side or the other.  The globe is being split between the countries that join the Globalists versus those aligned with Putin/Russia-Trump/Secret Space agenda.

Now within the Secret SpaceProgram is a split as well between those aligned under Trump and Space Force versus the old guard Generals who work for Rothschild.

But because those Generals technically fall under Trump as Commander-in-Chief and the territory of the US which is their home they are somewhat forced to align with Trump in spite of their prior globalist leanings.

This by the way is why Kimberly Goguen complains about Trump not paying the Generals.  Because the Generals are used to be paid by their globalist boss—Rothschild and they have been cut-off from their past pay by Trump.  Understandably so.  Because the General’s pay is for basically serving the globalists in wars that serve the globalist agenda ultimately treasonous behavior.

The reason the disclosures of William Tompkins are so primary here is that Tompkins reveals the extent of the infiltration of our secret space program by the globalist/Reptilian faction again dependent on the pedo/adrenochrome highway to finance their operations.

In a sense the real war taking place on this planet is between the adrenochrome junkies and those who want to live sovereign without dependence on bloodlust to fuel their lives.  The vampires versus those who are aligned with God.

It follows that if the intel I have is true, the so-called mountain where the devil lives in Ukraine and the Crimean anomalous zones surrounding the 9 pyramids occupied by what is most likely a Reptilian or Dragon Moth /vampiric race of beings becomes a focus in the war between the two sides.  The drive by Trump and team (and Putin) to clean out the deep tunnels in these two border countries to Russia becomes understandable.  Again what is playing out as a war scenario is more an effort to remove the entrenched races and rescue the children underground.

It makes sense that our entire globe is infiltrated by these vampiric races and in order to defeat the globalists and remove them from the planet every country must be exposed and a battle engaged.

Clearly those countries where these races dominate are those that are most under control of the Globalists.  A list could be made to figure out where these bastions of Luciferians exist.   And their hives are most likely primarily underground… in underground bases and tunnel systems going back through the ages.

The above could be useful in trying to make sense of the geopolitical landscape we find ourselves in.  Unfortunately, most of the press owned and run by the globalists have little interest in revealing the real agendas at work here.  They prefer to keep the public in the dark as to the real battle lines in this war of worlds being fought on Earth and in space.

What is most important is recognizing friend or foe and discerning whether decisions being made on our behalf are actually those we agree with versus being pawns on a nebulous playing field.  Knowing the real spiritual war games and watching the progress and then playing our part on the side we choose with full knowledge of the larger game being played would seem paramount.


ABOUT THE VAX AND TRUMP……The reality is that JFKjr/Juan and Trump are a tag team.  Trump wears the real mask hiding who he really is… playing a part to garner the vote and acting like he backs the vaccine while Juan is staunchly speaking out against vaccines and telling the Patriots what’s really happening in parables while being physically masked.

You could best think about this by saying that  Juan wearing a mask can speak the truth and Trump without a mask has to falsely back the vax and take other positions in order to appear palatable to the portion of the Republican party that believes in old science of the “virus” and the “vaccine”.   When  talking about Trump and his stance on the vaccine know this….  In taking on the deep state/Luciferian alliance the white hats had to jump in a river that was flowing in one mainstream direction… and endeavor over time to bend the river in a completely different more positive direction.  But their problem is and was that people would rebel against them if they came forward with their real agenda and the real truth because the masses (and especially the old guard) were not ready to deal with or handle real change without going through the complete death of their paradigm.  Until then they would refuse to recognize that they had been deceived and backing the vampiric reptilians all those years.  That self knowledge was too hard a pill to swallow.  They needed to see the proof all around them and see the paradigm fall around their knees exposed for what it was… a blood drinking Nazi cult of death.

The philosophy goes along the lines of the Art of War.  In order for Trump to be the guy to lead the Rep party which is full of old guard and those unenlightened who back false science of vaccines and need that security blanket thinking they have that to ‘save’ them from a fake ‘virus’.  When looking at the playing field. it’s easy to see that Trump has been groomed since he was young to fit in even though he knows the real truth on so many levels and personally does not back vaxes.

I get that to play the game in the current field he has to appear to be pro-vax and yes that he rushed them to come forward with their plans even though they had been planning since 2015 and before that.  Of course David Martin says the patents for the bioweapon go back to 1999….

JFKjr and Trump are a team…with Juan/JFKjr from behind a mask, handling the Awake Patriots while Trump deals with garnering the old guard and those who refuse to see the truth of what is really happening.  To his credit Trump has often crossed the line into the truth camp while speaking about hyrdroxycloroquine and calling out the absurdity of the masks.

I see Trump as a good man.  And my audience knows I back him regardless of the apparent contradiction within his platform.  The game of mainstream politics has always been one that requires wearing a real mask to go along and get along while hiding behind a facade that generates ‘consensus’…. in order to ‘win’ the vote… even though the vote is rigged and continues to be…

It is worth mentioning that (as Juan says repeatedly) you can’t get justice through the justice system.  It’s fully taken over.  Therefore the military is the last resort for taking back our country.  But it appears this is going to have to be a hidden takeover.  If what he says is accurate… and I believe it is.  Then we are living in the days of that time.  The return to the days of revolution when we fight the British and the Germans but this time the real dark magicians at the high reaches of those countries… the Illuminati as they are sometimes called.  Those who have given their souls to Lucifer or Satan… or the Reptilian god Baal (all the same).

William Tompkins came forward to reveal the depth to which our secret space program had been sabotaged by the reptilians.  The secret space program is the HEART OF THE DEEP STATE.  And so Trump and John Kennedy and the white hats FACE a formidable contingent of the dark who work in unison to enslave and control the people.  There are none so blind as those who will not see… as they day.

The job the white hats face continues to be daunting on every level and the need for deception and the wearing of masks and hiding behind false fronts is all part of their attack strategy.  They fight in underground bases and the war in the media is also a stealthy one full of covert actions and propaganda geared at convincing their followers to stick by them while they fight the good fight behind the scenes for the most part.  In the end, this is a war of influence.  

What you need to look for is the occasional glimpse into the real truth behind their masks.  And SEE with your heart into their hearts.  This is what is required at this time. Some do this easily, others not so much.  

For those who cannot see behind the facade the good guys appear as opaque as the bad guys.  Whatever victories they gain are celebrated in the dark.  While the patriots must see through to the heart of those that would lead and know that what they see with earthly eyes is often a deception, a facade erected to protect the brave while they battle in secret.

For those of us who know the truth this game is often painful to watch because of its maddeningly slow pace.  Watching the destruction of an old paradigm and those who are deceived enough to go down with it… our colleagues and neighbors who fell for the false science and refuse to search for the real truth or see through their hearts to read the real intent of the good guys…

While I hope the actions of the white hats will prevail I also see from my vantage point on the ground here among the people that the truth is slowly dawning… even amidst the waves of tyranny and increased Nazi era tactics rolling out all around us.  It is easy to doubt when seeing only with conventional eyes.  Without the heart and inner knowingness that resides in all of us, one has no chance in discerning the real truth.  Indeed in oder to see who is on the dark and who is on the light many people need the sunglasses such as were used in the movie “THEY LIVE”.  Because in these dark days the dark parades around cloaked in light while the light side works only under cover of darkness.


War of Worlds: Pirates of Mandalay Bay : Illuminati versus U.S. Navy?

The location of this latest false flag however real the human casualties relates to the history of Mandalay and Kipling, the British illuminati versus possibly what they may see as the U.S. Navy “pirates”.  This may well be a turf war between illuminati factions over who will run the financial system and how and when it gets taken down and reformulated into the NWO currency.

Unfortunately when one side sends a message to the other side in these wars the human collateral damage is only a side issue.

No doubt this is also all about controlling the guns (and getting the U.S. populations under control by attempting once again to take away their guns).  One would think by now they would know this will never work.  

Gun control is not about controlling the guns bought legally it’s about controlling the people.  Illegal gun trade is the business of governments and fuels the secret state.  Laws will never protect the innocent they are meaningless to those who operate above the law.

It’s important to keep in mind that Like Boston’s false flag the British/European side is always ripe to remind the U.S. who is in charge.  However, it looks like the message was somewhat purposely botched and over-the-top in part to make a fool of Trump and American surveillance culture.  Trump lines up with the side of the Navy I believe, while Hillary, who was one of the first quoted raging on about gun control is working for the Euro Illuminati side.  Obviously keeping the American house in order is not an easy task and in coming days the whole Mandalay-Manchurian aka Sleeping Assassins will come to the fore in this war even more.

While ‘we the people’ are sitting ducks when we don’t recognize the historical significance of the illuminati symbolism behind each calculated attack.  It is worth noting that the latest weather war hurricanes; Irma, Harvey and the last one in that trio were further reminders that there is an ongoing war happening on our shores.  Years ago Camelot was told that 2017 was to be the final date for the showdown related to the currency reset as this year nears its end and we might keep this in mind as the financial war deepens.

The claimed shooter Stephen Paddock is a Manchurian Candidate if I have ever seen one…  Avid gambler, accountant and property manager.  Why?  Gamblers are heavily under mind control and in this case Paddock was an avid video poker player.  This only facilitates inserting subliminal commands necessary to activate a sleeping assassin.  Most likely he had no idea what he was doing.  However, with the number of other shooters operating that night there may be no real way to tell if Pollack’s gun was shooting blanks as a distraction or not.  Not that law enforcement would ever reveal this.

Setting up the shooter with tons of guns in my view just emphasizes the fall-guy aspect and would be exactly the kind of over-the-top element those creating the the false flag would do.

The link to MGM (the mob and music) and why Mandalay Bay was central to this latest false flag is also a lead worth pursuing.  Mandalay (MGM) shares dropped significantly after the shooting.  This is a high stakes game only those orchestrating such events can play.  Soros apparently made a profit on this event.



The following is a written transcript of an audio interview with a state official of a European Union country.  It contains a number of key points concerning coming times, various races including reptilians, and his journey into higher levels of power within the government.


This interview is pasted into the body of this frame for ease in searching terms etc.  However, due to the strange formatting issues with Word there are spacing issues.  The pdf file however has a better layout.







Just background.....

D:            When I go into the off-world contacts you can you can identify me as an official in a European Member State to make it fairly loose when I go into the off-world stuff.

K:            For me, in terms of your trajectory, can you give me just the nuts and bolts in how you got from point A to point B to where you are today in the position you are in?  Did you have some special help to get into those positions that you hold?

D:             My country is a small country to get a job, everyone has to have some help.  

K:             So was the help coming from any direction, in other words, associated with the Vatican, Academia etc?

D:             No, no.  Let’s say local politics but on top of local politics there was the off-world connection.

K:             Did you feel this was a positive off-world connection that was guiding you, or helping you along, or not?

D:             It’s mixed.  Now, I was made aware of this off-world connection and I was asked to do a lot of reading on Helena Blavatsky.  I was instructed to read books like ‘Isis Unveiled’ and ‘The Secret Doctrine’ as well as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to prepare me. I was also referred to the old Egyptian religion and pointedly the ‘Egyptian Book of the Dead’. I was pointedly told that ,typically, eighty years after the inception of any religion, it {the religion] starts to get distorted, usually in a severe fashion, as careerists under illuminati or parallel agendas.   

                 I went through the material and I was also alerted to certain situations in the past, certain anomalies, a point in fact being the high point of the nuclear crisis between the US and Russia in the early Sixties and, I was given an indication about how the situation had been resolved through an off-world connection.  If one follows the exchanges between the Kennedy side and the Russian side one can note that the correspondence appears to be erratic.  The situation was this: Kennedy was hot headed, Jackie was less so.  What off world controllers did was this: a phone call to the Russian side was faked – simulated with Kennedy’s voice and that is why the sequence is so erratic and that is why the Russian reaction was so bizarre.  That is why you see the Americans answering the first letter from Khrushchev to Kennedy and not the second angry letter[1].

K:            So, the faked Kennedy voice, was this trying to escalate or calm down the situation?

 D:           No, to calm them down . . . to diffuse.

K             But Kennedy’s real reaction was more aggressive?

P             Yes and akin to that of an arrogant young boy–  although towards the end of his life he changed a bit.

K:            What does Jackie have to do with it?

P;            Because Jackie was in to Buddhism and so on.

K:            Did they reach her?...................mer:


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