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Benjamin Fulford Full Report: Worldwide Arrest Warrant for David Rockefeller Jr. as Khazarian Mafia Take Down Continues

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The takedown of the Khazarian mafia is accelerating. A worldwide arrest warrant issued for David Rockefeller Jr. means one of their top bosses is now a hunted man. Meanwhile, riots and demonstrations around the Western world are bringing down other KM leaders like Emmanuelle Macron of France and Justin Castro of Canada. Already, the Rothschild clan has admitted defeat and is now under the leadership of Nathaniel Rothschild. He promises that from now on his clan will stick to business and stay out of geopolitics. Here is a link to his company Volex. https://www.volex.com/

The defeat of the very top levels of the KM is leading to historical changes around the world. This includes the demise of the UN, the rebirth of the United States and the start of a new age for the planet earth. The overall story is the end of millennia of rule by a Satanic cult.

Since so many people are now waking up, it is time to once again put out background information about who the revolution is against. Barry Chamish, a Jew who lost a third of his family to the holocaust, outlines the real history of the Sabbatean/Frankist cult (the people I call the Khazarian Mafia). He notes, for example, that “At the 1936 world Zionist conference Chaim Weizmann said ‘Perhaps only 2 million will survive the upcoming holocaust but they will be ready for life in Palestine.’”

If this is news to you, I strongly recommend you take 40 minutes of your time to watch the video he was killed for recording. It will tell you all about the links between 666, the Illuminati, Zionism, the Rothschilds etc. He points out very clearly these people are not Jews.


However, Chamish only traces the problem back to 1666 and fails to realize we are dealing with an ancient cult of human slavers known as the Hyksos who worship a goat-faced god with a forked tail that we know of as Satan. A holocaust is a burnt offering to Satan. The Jews have been their slaves for thousands of years.

This writer only learned about these people when they invited me to join them and offered great wealth and power as long as I agreed to participate in their plot to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest. I have been fighting them ever since.

The ongoing fake pandemic and very real vaccine mass murder campaign is just the latest attempt by these Satanists to murder enough people so that they can stay in power and enslave humanity.

At the four-minute mark of the expert testimony linked below, you can confirm the spike protein in the toxic vaccine batches is race-specific and Ashkenazi Jews are immune.


Two different Mossad sources say that almost all of the Israelis are given the saline solution, number 01 vaccine. And yet, even though Israel is one of the most highly vaccinated countries on earth, they have one of the highest COVID death rates. What is happening is that the KM are using vaccines to kill dissidents among their Jewish slaves. In other words, obedient sheeple are given placebos while troublesome ones are given lethal injections.

The worlds’ military and intelligence agencies are in the midst of a major offensive against these criminals. The Jews are also revolting. So are the aware people of the West.

The revolution is now unstoppable. Soon the whole world is about to see the US equivalent of the fall of the Berlin Wall when the White House is demolished. In one video posted on YouTube on Monday, a construction team appears to be building the barrier between the White House and the iron fence that already surrounds the property.


According to the CIA “The concrete blast barricades being placed around the White House is so the detonation blast  (when the WH is imploded) won’t go out into the street and surrounding area. It’s coming soon. You have seen the videos online of the late-night detonation flashes going on inside the WH on the second floor. The pillars are being weakened, in preparation for the upcoming implosion. This is also proof that the WH is empty. Brandon [Biden] is hiding at another location, could be anywhere…. ??? “

As a confirmation something historical is about to happen, US President Donald Trump reveals the United States Military is in charge of the country, that a plan of action is in place to return our nation to a constitutionally limited representative republic and that a blackout is coming soon. He also indicates that he never received a vaccination.


In corroboration, a Pentagon source says something really strange is happening at the White House, and that an EMP attack may soon be upon us. This “EMP attack” may be an excuse for a complete shutdown of the internet.

A mysteriously under-reported incident in Uruguay gives a hint about what may be coming. Here is an eyewitness account:

“First there were fires, then 44C (111 F) temperatures, then hurricane-force winds, then the UNPRECEDENTED floods and now EMP SURGES THE WHOLE COUNTRY…F*cking burned-out a TON of appliances…we are under attack.”

Uruguay is one of the many Southern hemisphere countries where the KM fled to avoid their planned holocaust (burnt offering to Satan) of the majority of humans living in the Northern hemisphere.

The ongoing counterattack against the KM and their fake pandemic was made possible by an ongoing systematic purge of their top ranks. This can be seen in the corporate propaganda media in the form of multiple top people as catching COVID. As readers are aware “testing positive for COVID and self-isolating” is a code for arrested and under questioning. Among those recently “self-isolating” is the traitor top US General Mark Milley, fake US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz, top Vatican honchos Cardinal Pietro Parolin and archbishop Edgar Pena Parra. They’re among the many who “have COVID despite being vaccinated.”




Many sleeper agents or controlled opposition figures are also being outed. For example, US military intelligence psychological warfare expert Patrick Bergy, who worked with former Defense Intelligence Agency head General Michael Flynn says “Based on my personal interactions he is dishonorable.”

We also note that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has suddenly canceled her wedding saying “I just join many other New Zealanders who have had an experience like that as a result of the pandemic and to anyone who’s caught up in that scenario, I am so sorry.” She looks terrified in the video and rightly so, she is about to be executed, CIA sources say.

Another person who looks really scared and stressed out is French President Emmanuelle Macron. The CIA sent us the following pictures with the comment “Macron without makeup and without TV lighting has really a bad face. The guy is clearly at the end of his rope. (Is this even Macron)?”

He is probably scared to death by the mass demonstrations against KM regimes taking throughout Europe. For example, take a look at unreal scenes in Brussels as police flee underground, only to have metal fences land on them from the baying mob.

Soon hopefully Justin Castro of Canada (for background check here: https://www.henrymakow.com/) will also get long-overdue justice.


As this video shows, Canadian truckers are now descending on Ottawa, as part of a movement to remove the criminal Castro.


Among his many other crimes, we note Castro has recently authorized a $31 billion fund to “compensate indigenous children.” The fund was authorized after an international media campaign decried the “mass murder” of first nations children at residential schools. The problem is that not one body has been found at the “mass graves,” mentioned in the reports. The fact is the mortality rate for children in residential schools was actually comparable to the Canadian average from 1950 to 1965.


In any case, you can be sure only a tiny fraction of this “fund” would actually end up in the hands of first nations people. The rest would go to the pockets of his KM handlers like the Rockefellers. These are the Rockefellers who used their fake Biden regime to cancel the Keystone pipeline so that Americans would be forced to buy oil from their proxies in Saudi Arabia and Russia.

The Saudi Royals are KM slave owners who to this day run a slave regime named after their own family. Even the corporate propaganda media is now reporting that today’s Saudi royal family are descendants of Jews who fought early Muslim tribes.


The fact that this is coming out means that the Saudi family is no longer running this slave plantation pretending to be a country. Here you can see other soon-to-be-deposed KM representatives reading out their Rockefeller/Rothschild Great Reset scripts.

Speaking of Rockefellers, it looks like they want to blame Barack Obama for their crimes, including the fake Biden regime. It’s like a lizard shaking off its tail to escape.

Speaking of Psaki, the CIA sent us the following salacious video taken on October 29, 2020 with the following commentary: Is that Jen Psaki-Zuckerberg-Rockefeller?

Why would she be in the VOA building meeting with an old friend? Now that their KM masters have been exposed, more countries are backing down quickly on the fake pandemic every day as their puppet leaders can see the noose around their necks.

For example, England, Ireland and Scotland have lifted all COVID-related restrictions. WHO is also backing down while asking for government funding so it no longer has to follow the agenda of corporate sponsors like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who are pushing the vaccine.



Canadian health officials are also looking for a way out by admitting they have exaggerated the dangers of COVID.


Their COVID agenda is falling fast, but that doesn’t mean the fight is over. The planet is a big place & there will be pockets of KM satanic Deep State operatives who will continue to push this agenda in their small areas of control.

What we need to realize is that – WE CANNOT COMPLIANCE THE PEOPLE. Without compliance, they have NOTHING. ZERO POWER. Stand your ground. Stand your ground. The best is yet to come, says a CIA source connected to the White Dragon Society.

Among the events yet to come could be the overthrow of the Communist regime in China. It turns out, that China’s real debt is now an astounding 833% of GDP, or $118 trillion. That’s because they’ve built the equivalent of 27 empty New York cities.


This is the trigger for a collapse of the global financial system, says a CIA source, noting that the widely publicized problems of the $1 trillion indebted Evergrande “are chump change.”

Also check out the image below to see what came out of the Evergreen container ship when it got deliberately stuck in the Suez Canal and was later taken over and searched elsewhere for several weeks. On the list are children, weather modification equipment, and nuclear warheads.

Finally, this week we would like to show our readers this clip of pyramids found in Antarctica.

The outline of the largest pyramid appears to be a whitewashed version of the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The fact that we are getting such a video from a high ranking military source, however, is a good sign that some sort of woo-woo event in space/Antarctica/UFO is planned.

Speaking of space events: Here is a video showing that the so-called Tonga burst was a nuclear missile from space.


**By Benjamin Fulford


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Warns Gov’t and Big Tech ‘Engineered The Destruction of Democracy and Civil Rights’

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During a press conference in Switzerland on Friday, Kennedy Jr, Founder and Chairman of the Board Children’s Health Defense, explained how Big Tech’s coordinated efforts to censor him for “vaccine misinformation” was really a smokescreen to silence him on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry.

“When they use the term vaccine misinformation, they are using it as a euphemism for any statement that departs from official government policies and pharmaceutical industry profit taking. It has nothing to do with whether it is true or false. It only has to do with what the political implications are,” Kennedy Jr. said.



“And who is doing this censorship? It’s government officials in league with Bill Gates, [Oracle CEO] Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin from Google, and with all these internet titans.”

“They have engineered not only the destruction of our democracy and our civil rights, they have engineered the biggest shift of wealth in human history — $3.8 trillion from working people to these handful of billionaires, many of them from Silicon Valley,” he added. “This pandemic has impoverished the world and created 500 new billionaires.”

“Is it a coincidence that these are the same people who are censoring criticism of the government policies that are bringing them trillions of dollars? The people who are benefiting are the people who squeezing away our constitutional rights and engineering the destruction of democracy worldwide,” he concluded.

Accompanying Kennedy was Catherine Austin Fitts, the former Assistant Secretary for Housing and Urban Development under George H.W. Bush, who also succinctly summarized how the globalists are using COVID to impose their New World Order agenda.




Surviving the Plandemicide, Multidimensional and Temporal Wars

I have held back on writing a newsletter due to the fact so many awesome people have actually done a better job of conveying what I wanted to say. Stew Peters and his expert witnesses, doctors, front line nurses and researchers have confirmed all my suspicions and intuitions concerning the jab along with others too numerous to mention. Elena Danaan’s latest videos have verbatim covered what I was going to write about concerning the multidimensional planetary liberation. Peter Slattery’s new video, Multidimensional is a must watch. There are others like Gene Decode and Juan O’savin bringing a lot of truth to the table. The veils between worlds are getting thinner so expect bleed throughs, observing shadow/astral beings seen from your peripheral vision, do clearings and create sacred space. Methods are on the website ww.eceti.org If you, or your family are being influenced, experiencing a lot of negativity, accidents, emotional outbursts we highly suggest doing the clearings given freely on the site. I was told the deep underground reptilian and grey alliance bases along with the dark fleet have been taken out, neutralized and less than 5% are left that are so deep most likely the Inner Earth folks will finish the job. The benevolent Inner Earth beings are part of the Earth Alliance and Galactic Federation of Worlds. The remaining 5% are cut off, cannot surface their portals are closed and have nowhere to go. This includes the bases in Antarctica. The ones isolated are being closely monitored. What is left is the Dark Fleet or Cabal operatives on Earth which unfortunately have gravitated to some of the highest positions of power. This includes the agencies we depend upon for justice. If you want to know who they are they are the ones with socialist agendas destroying economies, mandating masks and the jab due to profit driven false science.

It is up to us, all of us along with the Earth Alliance, the white hats in the military and agencies around the world to rise up, find the courage to do what is right. Brave souls from all walks of life are stepping forward. Doctors, Nurses, Scientists, white hats within the agencies, political leaders, religious and some business leaders are saying enough is enough. They will no longer participate in the, “PLANDEMICIDE”. It breaks my heart to see young people with their whole lives ahead of them, especially the children being critically injured, having heart attacks, paralysis, shaking violently with smug arrogant doctors and nurses dishonoring their Hippocratic Oath accepting the profit driven false science rather than being inconvenienced by the truth. Did you know many politicians are heavily invested in the vaccine companies? Did you know factcheckers.org owns 1.8 billion dollars in Johnson and Johnson and is run by a former acting director in CDC? Did you know the CDC and the FDA are revolving doors of big pharma CEOs holding major positions? China, the originator of the bio-weapon Cov19 owns the WHO and the United Nations along with major politicians in Ameri-cia. Yes they own the CIA and major generals under Biden. Fact check that. Why do you think China is not being held accountable?

How many politicians, governmental agencies, social and mainstream media, including school boards have been bribed to perpetuate the deception that lockdowns, mask and vax mandates work and are safe? They have censored safe, effective, inexpensive treatments over other extremely expensive therapies. Therapies studies have shown to have extremely high mortality rates. Remdesivir and ventilators are a death sentence according to major studies but they are used as the preferred treatment with major kickbacks to Hospitals and doctors that prescribe it. Pneumonia and kidney failure are due to Remdesivir according to major case studies and they knew it. Hospitals have become the new killing fields.

Ivermectin has not killed anyone, it has 60 years of safe proven efficacy. It is authorized by the NIH and the FDA, always has been despite the pathological liars in the mainstream and social media. Doctors should not rely on CNN for medical advice. Hydroxychloroquine has also been used for decades safely and outperforms Remdesivir and the jabs. Jabs which are now proven to seriously injure and kill the recipients the scale of which is extremely censored. We will never know the truth injury and death rate caused by the jab yet top researchers and whistle blowers are revealing what can only now be referred to as genocide followed by sterilization. There is over a 400% rate of pregnant women miscarrying after getting the jab. The narcissist billionaire global elite’s eugenics agenda who have partnered with the CCP is playing out right in front of our eyes. Population control, sterilization, food shortages, total dependency on government are next along with a complete loss of freedom. Total control, domination, censorship, and complete dependency on whatever bone they decide to throw you is your future if this goes unchecked. Think this is a conspiracy? It is playing out right now, only the severely mentally challenged cannot see it. The socially engineered, critical thinking and research impaired integrity challenged virtue signaling useful idiots as the global elite refer to them will march themselves, friends and their families to the slaughter house as predicted by the global elite. They have bragged about their plans for years, but no one took them seriously. Now it is serious. In their own words they said we will create a pandemic, we will gain control over the media and generate fear, we will give them the cure but it will be their death sentence. Their goal is for eighty to ninety percent of the population to be removed, 13 out of 14 people gone. All that will be left is controllable trans-human chipped slaves that will do their bidding. They made it very clear they want everyone chipped completely dependent on the government for all their needs, no compliance, no food, no travel, no life. If you want proof of this try going to a major event, concert, sporting etc. they will say show us your papers, proof of vaccination or recent test, next will be the global passport. This is the future the war and disease profiteers have planned for you. Their motto is in the future you will own nothing and you will be happy. The green new deal is another program to steal the wealth and control everything. Research where the money for carbon credits go. Sorry Gretta, the last 6 months in the Antarctic has had record breaking cold, the coldest in years. You have sold out the youth. The raw data over the, “adjusted data” shows the planet is now cooling driven by Sun cycles not carbon.

What they are not telling you is that the injection is an operating system connected to external AI, an RNA modifier changing your God given DNA which is your connection to Creator. It falls into their transhumanism program. They are destroying yours and your children’s immune system, you and your children are being sterilized. Say goodbye to future generations and any hopes of grandchildren. The ability to ascend, rise spiritually is directly connected to beneficial changes in the DNA. The jabs have the opposite effect, altering the DNA is going against the Creator’s plan for Humanity and the Earth to ascend, creating Heaven on Earth. It is being done with a plethora of toxins, poisons, nanobots, operating systems, nano-creatures that look like starfish and now metal shards shredding you from the inside. Meet Patrick, he is the starfish like creature found in the injections, he will be driving your body from here on out. RESEARCH WHAT IS IN THE JAB. Children look to their parents for guidance and protection. Those who have vaccinated their kids have failed in both regards. Why subject children who have an almost zero percent chance of dying from the virus, most experience light flue like symptoms or are asymptomatic to a jab that does not protect them from getting covid, destroys their immune system, has the potential for severe life crippling side effects, heart attacks and death. Didn’t think that one through now did you? The divine feminine, the House of Mary, the Grandmothers are outraged. They are coming forward supporting the mothers in their defense of the children delivering heartfelt truth at school boards and other events. Let them support and speak through you. Do not worry about what you will say coming from the heart and trust the words will come when necessary.

There has never before been so much deception and coercion since the Third Reich. This is the same playbook used by tyranny in the past. It’s The Third Reich 2.0 what some call the Fourth Reich. You can always count on your leaders, hospitals, mainstream and social media to do the Reich thing. In the past they used smallpox laden blankets, bioweapons to genocide Native Americans, whoever stood in their way. The jab is wrapped and marketed as that same warm and fuzzy blanket to protect you from the cold laced with deadly consequences. If you took the first jab, the lucky ones were given a saline solution to give a false perception of safety, others will have serious side effects. The immune system will experience an extreme reduction after the first jab, up to 80% yet there are ways of mitigating the reactions. Unfortunately these protocols are not administered or altogether ignored by allopathic medicine. Much of the damage can be reversed if one uses these alternative protocols. The second jab can be an eventual death sentence. The third, don’t worry about packing your bags, where you’re going you won’t need them. Courageous doctors are coming forward with these protocols, do your research. The very creators of the experimental gene therapy operating system, injections they call vaccines are screaming do not get the jab. This includes lead scientists at Pfizer. The inventor of the PCR test said it should never be used to test for covid, even the FDA has denounced it as giving over 80 to 90 plus percent false positive. The only thing the PCR test is good for is creating fear and profit for big pharma. Dr. Ardus has some of the best protocols. Frontline doctors and nurses are also helping to blow the whistle and provide alternatives. Follow your heart, your intuition, that feeling before you got the jab you ignored. Do not coheres or shame others into getting the jab. The unvaxed immune systems are 13 times stronger than the vaxed. The hospitals are filled with the vaxed. It is not due to the unvaxed as your corrupt politicians, mainstream and social media are trying to sell you. It is due to the failure of the vaccine to protect them, the severe reactions and variants manufactured in their own bodies. They have become the new super-spreaders.

If you want to get angry and blame someone, blame the ones who created and are pushing the vaccines as well as the standard treatments that are killing your loved ones. Blame the politicians, the mainstream and social media for lying to you. Blame the global elite, the CCP for concocting this plan. Do not divide and fight among yourselves that is exactly what they want. They want you divided by race, religion and gender. Unity along with the awakening masses is deadly for them. Imagine if Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the police, the military all realized we are in this together, they are coming for all of us? What if the social justice warriors come to the realization they were duped into doing the bidding of the global elite. Especially now that their leaders are living in gated multimillion dollar mansions where their followers are not invited. Destroying your neighborhoods spares them the wrecking ball in their goals for regentrification. They want to take away what little you have left. Might want to listen to your elders who have experienced these tactics in the past. There is and always has been enough for everyone, the lack is manufactured.

The lockdowns, the masks, the jab, everything they have forced or coheres you to do has failed in restoring health and the economy. The adverse effects are there for all to see. As Einstein said, doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is a form of insanity. There are those who are so socially engineered, critical thinking and research impaired they will never see it. Maybe this is the wheat being separated from the chaff, cleaning up the gene pool. Did you know studies have shown conspiracy theorists to have higher IQs? Who knows, in the future maybe the survivors will go on to create a more advanced intelligent race free of division in knowledge of the tactics of the controllers. What will be said when they look back in history?

We are being given a choice. The upward spiral, conscious evolution, a spiritual life in harmony with each other and nature or the downward spiral, pain, suffering, enslavement, with the eventual collapse of civilization and the environment. Choose wisely. Choices have consequences. The only solution is to unify and resist from the bottom up. A global revolution. The top down is rotten to the core. What is written is not up for debate. It is only an opportunity to make wise informed choices in the future. Just a heads up, those who are misinformed, in denial, following the edicts of the war and disease profiteers, be lie ving in the profit driven science the mainstream and social media are pushing are headed for a very dark future. A future they have in ignorance created for themselves, some believing if they go along, don’t rock the boat they just might survive, keep their jobs, their homes, their incomes. That is not the plan they have for 13 out of 14 of you. Critical thinking and research outside the box are imperative in the days to come. Yours and your family’s future depends on it. Nothing in social consciousness is what it seems. Turn off your TV, get out in Nature. learn to see the world with fresh eyes while it is still possible. What it all boils down to is are you working for or against the plandemicide? Are you doing what is best for your fellow man/woman? Are you in service to others or serve the beast, the billionaire eugenicists? Do you want the power and wealth centralized in their hands as in socialism? How has that worked in the past? Why aren’t they teaching the real history of socialist/communism in schools? All the genocidal dictators were socialist/communists. The saddest thing is society has fallen to the level where we have to write newsletters such as these. Wake up, remember who you are, what you have come to do and get on with your mission. God/Creator/Great Spirit has given its best for these times, they are rising, rise with them.

Permission to spread far and wide granted.

**By James Gilliland


Australian truckers protesting COVID lockdowns will reportedly ‘block every highway entering into every state at the same time’

Australian truckers protesting COVID lockdowns will reportedly ‘block every highway entering into every state at the same time' (cdllife.com)


A group of Australian truckers is reportedly planning a widespread shut down in protest of continuing COVID lockdowns and another, separate trucker protest may also be in the works. 


The truckers, referred to as ‘truckies’ in Australia, plan to protest at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, August 31st  by ‘blocking every highway entering into every state at the same time’. A GofundMe was reportedly set up to support the truckers financially as they prepare to protest, and is said to have raised more than $3,302. 

Some drivers are even warning civilians to stock up on the essentials in the next few days so that they can be prepared for a week or even two weeks of supply chain disruption. 

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“It’s on. The truckies are doing it. The truckies are going to shut down the country,” one driver said in a video. 

“The truckies are in, the VETS are in, I’m in. I’m willing to go to jail to save my country and children,” he continues, stating that drivers have been in talks with people from ‘around the world.’


“The truckies are coming and they are going to pull this country down and we are all going to do it together and remove this s*** government…. What that means is you need to go shopping now, get what you can for the next week or two, load your fridge, freezers,” he warns. 

The New South Wales police force says that they are aware of the planned protest and say that the ‘NSW Police will continue to conduct Operation STAY AT HOME to ensure compliance with the public health orders.’ 

It is not clear how many drivers are expected to participate in the demonstration, but this protest will not be the first time Australian drivers rallied together to protest COVID restrictions – Just last month a group of trucks paraded through Sydney, blasting their horns and blocking traffic, in protest against the closure of construction sites. 

A separate protest is also planned by the 7,000 drivers of Toll Group, Australia’s largest freight company on Friday, August 27th, after the drivers and the company failed to reach an agreement over wage rates, overtime, and contractors. Drivers say the new contract agreement would not give them the job security they need, and that they are being forced to strike, reported The Sydney Morning Herald.

“The transport giant is responsible for two crises at the same time: a cruel attack on good, safe transport jobs, and mass disruption to food and fuel supplies,” said Transport Workers Union lead negotiator Richard Olsen. 

Jordan Peterson Predicts The Death Of Mainstream Media

Congresswoman wants to halt and investigate World Bank’s private water investments


The practice of the World Bank both advising countries on water and investing in private water companies presents a concerning conflict of interest, said Rep. Gwen Moore, D-Wisc., in a letter addressed to World Bank head Jim Kim. In it, Moore urges the Bank to immediately “cease promoting privatization of water resources until there has been a robust outside evaluation.”

“I am increasingly uneasy with water resource privatization in developing countries and do not believe that the current ring-fencing policies separating the investment and advising functions of the [International Finance Corporation] are adequate,” she writes. “I would respectfully urge the WBG and IFC to cease promoting and funding privatization of water resources, including so-called ‘public-private partnerships’ in the water sector, until there has been a robust outside evaluation.”

Moore serves as the ranking member of the monetary policy and trade subcommittee of the House financial services committee, the body in the federal government tasked with overseeing the World Bank. Her concerns stem from the activities carried out by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private-sector lending arm of the World Bank. She and other advocates say that the IFC is making profit-driven investments in private water companies at the same time that the World Bank is advising countries to work with the private sector to improve access to clean water.

The letter cites the example of Manila, Philippines, where the country started working with two private water companies in 1997, based on IFC advice. The IFC then went on to invest in the Manila Water Corporation, one of the two companies, which has yielded a $43 million profit thanks to rate hikes nearing 850 percent. Attempts to increase prices further were stopped by regulators, but the company is pursuing the ability to raise rates through various appeals.

“I would be less troubled with the structure of the Manila deal and the subsequent arbitration if I had full confidence that both were not products of the improper mingling of the advisory and investment functions,” Moore said.

There does not seem to be agreement on this issue. The investment in the Manila Water Corporation is touted by the IFC as a success story for public-private partnerships. It is labeled as an inclusive business model that helped reach more than 1.7 million people and provide uninterrupted water access for 99 percent of customers. The water operation is also held up for transforming from a money-losing to a money-making business.

When asked to comment on Moore’s letter, communications officer Geoffrey Keele said that the IFC is working on a formal response to the Congresswoman first before making public comments. He directed Humanosphere to a page on the IFC website that addresses some of the concerns about its work on public-private partnerships in the water sector. It says that governments are not required to privatize water supplies in order to gain access to loans.

“We were happy to receive the letter from Congresswoman Moore as it provides us an opportunity to engage with her on these important issues,” Keele told Humanosphere.

But it is the privatization projects in countries like Nigeria, the Philippines and India that concern advocates, like Corporate Accountability International. It has called for the World bank to completely divest from private water corporations. The “Chinese wall” that the IFC says separates its advisory and investment work is not adequate, they argue. And at the core, water should not be privatized.

“Water is this essential human need and fundamental human right – it must be democratically accountable,” said Nathaniel Flaschner Meyer, senior international water organizer at Corporate Accountability International, to Humanosphere. “This conflict of interest is particularly egregious when it comes to something fundamental like water.”

These concerns are not new. For years, Corporate Accountability International and others have campaigned against these World Bank water investments. Another letter published in June 2015 signed by 23 members of Congress raised questions about water privatization in Lagos, Nigeria. It points to examples from the cities of Detroit and Baltimore, where the prioritization of profit led to people having their water shut off.

Moore signed onto the letter and has remained interested in the issue overall. Her letter today expands further on the earlier concerns and adds new pressure on the IFC.

“By shedding light on the conflict of interest inherent in the World Bank’s investment and advisory services related to water, it is time that this vital financial institution stop funding and promoting corporate control of water pending an extensive external evaluation of IFC conflicts of interest as well as congressional hearings,” wrote Moore.

Body Organs of Over 15,000 Syrians Sold in Six Years: Coroner’s Office


Director-General of the Syria Coroner’s Office Hossein Noufel disclosed that the body organs of thousands of Syrian civilians have been sold in the international black markets over the past six years.

“We have accurate information that over 25,000 surgical operations have been conducted in the refugee camps of the neighboring countries and in the terrorist-controlled areas in Syria since 2011 to take out the body organs of 15,000 Syrians and sell them in the international black markets,” Dr. Noufel said.

He pointed to the high prices of human body organs in the black markets, and said, “A kidney is sold $10,000 in Turkey while the same kidney is sold for $1,000 in Iraq, but in Lebanon and Syria the price of each kidney is $3,000.”

Dr. Noufel said that other human body organs such as spleen and cornea are also sold in the black markets.

According to latest reports, the children who have been rescued from the camps of Abdullah Muhammad al-Muhaysini, a senior al Qaeda-linked cleric and the religious leader of Jeish al-Fatah terrorist group, are now threatened with the danger of trafficking their body organs by the terrorists.

Local sources in Idlib province told al-Akhbar newspaper that during the past two weeks, 15 people have been kidnapped from different districts, most of them children.

Also, social media activists have released tens of messages and warned the Idlib residents of the possibility of abduction of their children and trafficking of their body organs by the terrorist groups, saying that most of the kidnapped children have been transferred to Turkey.

Local sources in several districts of Idlib have reported that over 10 children have been abducted in different parts of the province, including Kafarouma, Jidar Bekalfoun, Atma, Jisr al-Shaqour and al-Fayqa by the militants.

Also, a local source in Sarmada town North of Idlib said that “a number of militants driving a white van abducted a 10-year-old child but they faced the residents’ resistance and were arrested but sources said that they were freed from Fatah al-Sham (formerly known as al-Nusra) prison the same day”.

According to reports, the exacerbation of security situation in Idlib has forced the residents to flee to Hama province in fear of their children’s lives.

Meantime, a media source said on Wednesday that the ISIL has set up a market in Turkey which sells human body organs stolen from the mutilated bodies of the Iraqi people who have been kidnapped by the terrorist groups.

A media source said that the ISIL transfers the frozen body organs from the Iraqi city of Mosul to Tal Afar in Nineveh and then to Raqqa in Syria. The cargo then is sold to the Turkish mafia.

According to the source, all types of body organ that could be transplanted are sold in the market, specially kidney and heart.

Based on the report, kidney is sold at a price of 5,000 Iraqi dinars (4,000 US dollars) while a heart is worth 6,000 dollars in the Turkish market.

Reports said earlier this month that the ISIL is mutilating and selling the body organs of Iraqi children to compensate for its financial loss and shortages.

Local sources reported that after starting the academic year in Iraq, 11 children were kidnapped in different parts of al-Qae’m town in the Western parts of al-Anbar province and their families then found their mutilated bodies with no heart, kidneys, eyes and other transplantable organs.

The sources added that none of the parents of these children dare to file a lawsuit against the ISIL or report the abduction of their child for the fear of the terrorist group’s retaliatory measures.

Media reports also said in March that the ISIL terrorist group is using organ harvesting as a way to finance its operations and save the lives of injured members.

The Spanish daily El Mondo reported that facing the increased number of wounded members in the Syrian army and popular forces’ attacks, the ISIL is using the body organs of its captives for transplantation.

According to the report, the ISIL also forces the prisoners in Mosul jails to donate blood and postpones the execution of those sentenced to death to use their blood as much as possible.

The ISIL doesn’t merely use the organs of its captives and prisoners’ bodies for transplantation to its members but it sells them to other countries as a lucrative business, it added.

Medical sources told El Mondo that the personnel in one of hospitals in Mosul have seen corpses of at least 183 people whose organs had been taken out of their bodies.

According to the report, the ISIL has set up a medical team in Mosul headed by a German physician which exports the body organs to Syria and the Iraqi Kurdistan region for transplantation to its members or selling.

Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations Mohamed Alhakim had made the same revelations last year, saying that the ISIL is trafficking human organs and has executed a dozen doctors for failing to go along with the program.

Alhakim based his claim on the discovery of dozens of bodies left in shallow mass graves near the city of Mosul, currently an ISIL stronghold. Surgical incisions, along with missing kidneys and other body parts lead to an inescapable conclusion. “We have bodies. Come and examine them. It is clear they are missing certain parts,” Alhakim revealed. He further described the carnage:

“When we discover mass graves, we look at the bodies. Some of those bodies are killed by bullets, some of them by knives. But when you find pieces of the back is missing and the kidneys is missing, you will wonder what it is.”



There is something extraordinary happening in the world


Most of us haven’t quite realized there is something extraordinary happening.

A few months ago I freed myself from standard-procedure society, I broke the chains of fear that kept me locked up into the system. Since then, I see the world from a different perspective: the one that everything is going through change and that most of us are unware of that.

Why is the world changing? In this post I’ll point out the 8 reasons that lead me to believe it.

1- No one can stand the employment model any longer

We are reaching our limits. People working with big corporations can’t stand their jobs. The lack of purpose knocks on your door as if it came from inside you like a yell of despair.

People want out. They want to drop everything. Take a look on how many people are willing to risk entrepreneurship, people leaving on sabbaticals, people with work-related depression, people in burnout.

2- The entrepreneurship model is also changing

Over the past few years, with the explosion of startups, thousands of entrepreneurs turned their garages in offices to bring their billion dollar ideas to life. The vortex of entrepreneurship was to find an investor and get funded. To be funded was like winning the World Cup, or the Super Bowl.

But what happens after you get funded?

You get back to being an employee. You may have brought in people not sharing your dream, not in agreement with your purpose and soon it’s all about the money. The financial end becomes the main driver of your business.

People are suffering with it. Excellent startups began to tumble because the money seeking model is endless.

A new way to endeavor is needed. Good people are doing it already.

3- The rise of collaboration

Many people have figured out that it doesn’t make any sense to go on by yourself. Many people have awakened from the “each man for himself” mad mentality.

Stop, take a step back and think. Isn’t it absurd that we, 7 billion of us living in the same planet, have grown further apart from each other? What sense does it make to turn your back on the thousands, maybe millions, of people living around you in the same city? Every time it crosses my mind, I feel blue.

Fortunately, things are changing. Sharing, collaborative economy concepts are being implemented, and it points towards a new direction. The direction of collaborating, of sharing, of helping, of togetherness.

This is beautiful to watch. It touches me.

4- We are finally figuring out what the internet is

The internet is an incredibly spectacular thing and only now, after so many years, we are understanding its power. With the internet the world is opened, the barriers fall, the separation ends, the togetherness starts, the collaboration explodes, the helping emerges.

Some nations saw true revolutions that used the internet as the primary catalyst, such as the Arab Spring. Here in Brazil we are just starting to make a better use out of this amazing tool.

Internet is taking down mass control. The big media groups controlling news by how it suits best what they want the message to be and what they want us to read are no longer the sole owners of information. You go after what you want. You bond to whomever you want. You explore whatever you may want to.

With the advent of the internet, the small is no longer speechless, there is a voice. The anonymous become acknowledged. The world comes together. And then the system may fall.

5- The fall of exaggerated consumerism

For too long, we’ve been manipulated to consume as much as we possibly can. To buy every new product launched, the newest car, the latest iPhone, the top brands, lots of clothes, shoes, lots and lots and lots of pretty much anything we could our hands on.

Going against the crowd, many people have understood that this of way off. Lowsumerism, slow life and slow food are a few excerpts of actions being taken as we speak, pointing out by contradiction how absurdly we have come to organize ourselves.

Fewer people are using cars, fewer people are overspending, and more people are swapping clothes, buying used goods, sharing assets, cars, apartments, offices.

We don’t need all of that they told us we needed. And this consciousness of new consumerism can take down any company living of the exaggerated end of it.

6- Healthy and organic eating

We were so crazy we even accepted eating anything! It only needed to taste good, and everything would be alright.

We were so disconnected that companies started to poison our food and we didn’t say anything!

But then some people started waking up, enabling and strengthening healthy and organic eating.

This is only to get stronger.

But what has this got to do with economy and work? Just about everything, I’d say.

Food production is one of the basic fundamentals of our society. If we change our mindset, our eating habit and our way of consuming, corporations will have to respond and adapt to a new market.

The small farmer is getting back to being relevant to the whole chain of production. Even people are growing plants and seeds inside their homes as well.

And that reshapes the whole economy.

7 — The awakening of spirituality

How many friends do you have who practice yoga? What about meditation? Now think back, 10 years ago, how many people did you know by then who practiced these activities?

Spirituality, for too long, was for esoteric folks, those weird-like and mystic people.

But fortunately, this is also changing. We’ve come to the edge of reason and rationality. We were able to realize that, with only our conscious mind, we can’t figure out everything that goes by here. There is something else going on and I’m sure you want to get hold of that as well.

You want to understand how these things work. How life operates, what happens after death, what is this energy thing people talk about so much, what is quantum physics, how thoughts can be materialized and create our sense of reality, what is coincidence and synchronicity, why meditation works, how it’s possible to cure using nothing but bare hands, how those alternative therapies not approved by regular medicine can actually work.

Companies are providing meditation to their employees. Even schools are teaching the young how to meditate. Think about it.

8 — Unschooling trends

Who created this teaching model? Who chose the classes you have to take? Who chose the lessons we learn in history classes? Why didn’t they teach us the truth about other ancient civilizations?

Why should kids follow a certain set of rules? Why should they watch everything in silence? Why should they wear a uniform? What about taking a test to prove that you actually learned?

We developed a model that perpetuates and replicates followers of the system. That breed people into ordinary human beings.

Fortunately, a lot of people are working to rethink that though concepts such as unschooling, hackschooling, homeschooling.

Maybe you’ve never thought of that and even may be in shock. But it’s happening.

Silently, people are being woken up and are realizing how crazy it is to live in this society.

Look at all these new actions and try to think everything is normal we were taught so far is normal. I don’t think it is.

There is something extraordinary happening.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Gustavo Tanaka — Brazilian author and entrepreneur, trying to create with my friends a new model, a new system and maybe helping to create a new economy.


Behind the Sudden Death of a $1 Billion Secret C.I.A. War in Syria




Russian warplanes and military personnel at an air base outside Latakia, Syria, last year. Russian bombing helped hollow out a rebel army backed by the C.I.A. CreditRussian Defense Ministry, via European Pressphoto Agency

WASHINGTON — The end came quickly for one of the costliest covert action programs in the history of the C.I.A.

During a White House briefing early last month, the C.I.A. director, Mike Pompeo, recommended to President Trump that he shut down a four-year-old effort to arm and train Syrian rebels. The president swiftly ended the program.

The rebel army was by then a shell, hollowed out by more than a year of bombing by Russian planes and confined to ever-shrinking patches of Syriathat government troops had not reconquered. Critics in Congress had complained for years about the costs — more than $1 billion over the life of the program — and reports that some of the C.I.A.-supplied weapons had ended up in the hands of a rebel group tied to Al Qaeda further sapped political support for the program.

While critics of Mr. Trump have argued that he ended the program to curry favor with President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, there were in fact dim views of the effort in both the Trump and Obama White Houses — a rare confluence of opinion on national security policy.

The shuttering of the C.I.A. program, one of the most expensive efforts to arm and train rebels since the agency’s program arming the mujahedeen in Afghanistan during the 1980s, has forced a reckoning over its successes and failures. Opponents say it was foolhardy, expensive and ineffective. Supporters say that it was unnecessarily cautious, and that its achievements were remarkable given that the Obama administration had so many restrictions on it from the start, which they say ultimately ensured its failure.

The program did have periods of success, including in 2015 when rebels using tank-destroying missiles, supplied by the C.I.A. and also Saudi Arabia, routed government forces in northern Syria. But by late 2015 the Russian military offensive in Syria was focusing squarely on the C.I.A.-backed fighters battling Syrian government troops. Many of the fighters were killed, and the fortunes of the rebel army reversed.

Charles Lister, a Syria expert at the Middle East Institute, said he was not surprised that the Trump administration ended the program, which armed and trained thousands of Syrian rebels. (By comparison, a $500 million Pentagon program that envisioned training and equipping 15,000 Syrian rebels over three years, was canceled in 2015 after producing only a few dozen fighters.)

“In many ways, I would put the blame on the Obama administration,” Mr. Lister said of the C.I.A. program. “They never gave it the necessary resources or space to determine the dynamics of the battlefield. They were drip-feeding opposition groups just enough to survive but never enough to become dominant actors.”

Mr. Trump has twice publicly criticized the effort since he ended it. After The Washington Post first reported on his decision, Mr. Trump tweeted that he was ending “massive, dangerous, and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad.” During an interview with The Wall Street Journal last month, the president said many of the C.I.A.-supplied weapons ended up in the hands of “Al Qaeda” — presumably a reference to the Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, which often fought alongside the C.I.A.-backed rebels.

Michael V. Hayden, a former C.I.A. director, said the president’s comments “might give the agency pause with regard to how much he will have their backs on any future covert actions.”

Gen. Raymond A. Thomas III, the commander of United States Special Operations Command, said during a conference last month that ending the C.I.A. program was a “tough, tough decision.”

“At least from what I know about that program and the decision to end it, it was absolutely not a sop to the Russians,” he said. “It was, I think, based on an assessment of the nature of the program, what we’re trying to accomplish, the viability of it going forward.”

A C.I.A. spokesman declined to comment.

President Barack Obama had reluctantly agreed to the program in 2013 as the administration was struggling to blunt the momentum of Syrian government forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad. It soon fell victim to the constantly shifting alliances in Syria’s six-year-old civil war and the limited visibility that American military and intelligence officials had over what was occurring on the ground.

Once C.I.A.-trained fighters crossed into Syria, C.I.A. officers had difficulty controlling them. The fact that some of their C.I.A. weapons ended up with Nusra Front fighters — and that some of the rebels joined the group — confirmed the fears of many in the Obama administration when the program began. Although the Nusra Front was widely seen as an effective fighting force against Mr. Assad’s troops, its Qaeda affiliation made it impossible for the Obama administration to provide direct support for the group.

American intelligence officials estimate that the Nusra Front now has as many as 20,000 fighters in Syria, making it Al Qaeda’s largest affiliate. Unlike other Qaeda affiliates such as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the Nusra Front has long focused on battling the Syrian government rather than plotting terrorist attacks against the United States and Europe.

The American officials spoke on the condition of anonymity because they did not want to be identified discussing a program that is classified.

In the summer of 2012, David H. Petraeus, who was then C.I.A. director, first proposed a covert program of arming and training rebels as Syrian government forces bore down on them.

The proposal forced a debate inside the Obama administration, with some of Mr. Obama’s top aides arguing that Syria’s chaotic battlefield would make it nearly impossible to ensure that weapons provided by the C.I.A. could be kept out of the hands of militant groups like the Nusra Front. Mr. Obama rejected the plan.

But he changed his mind the following year, signing a presidential finding authorizing the C.I.A. to covertly arm and train small groups of rebels at bases in Jordan. The president’s reversal came in part because of intense lobbying by foreign leaders, including King Abdullah II of Jordan and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, who argued that the United States should take a more active role in trying to end the conflict.

Mike Pompeo, the C.I.A. director, right, during a cabinet meeting at the White House in June.CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

Given the code name Timber Sycamore, the covert program began slowly, but by 2015 the C.I.A.-backed rebel groups had made significant progress against Syrian forces, pushing into areas of the country long considered to be government strongholds. The offensive gained momentum after the C.I.A. and Saudi Arabia began supplying the powerful tank-destroying weapons to the rebel groups.

But the rebel push in Idlib, Hama and Latakia Provinces in northern Syria also created problems for Washington. The Nusra Front, often battling alongside the C.I.A.-supported rebel groups, made its own territorial gains.

It was Nusra’s battlefield successes that Mr. Putin used as one justification for the Russian military offensive in Syria, which began in 2015. The Russian campaign, a relentless bombing of the C.I.A.-backed fighters and Nusra militants, battered the rebels and sent them into retreat.

The program suffered other setbacks. The arming and the training of the rebels occurred in Jordan and Turkey, and at one point Jordanian intelligence officers pilfered stockpiles of weapons the C.I.A. had shipped into the country for the Syrian rebels, selling them on the black market. In November, a member of the Jordanian military shot and killed three American soldiers who had been training Syrian rebels as part of the C.I.A. program.

White House officials also received periodic reports that the C.I.A.-trained rebels had summarily executed prisoners and committed other violations of the rules of armed conflict. Sometimes the reports led to the C.I.A. suspending cooperation with groups accused of wrongdoing.

John O. Brennan, Mr. Obama’s last C.I.A. director, remained a vigorous defender of the program despite divisions inside the spy agency about the effort’s effectiveness. But by the final year of the Obama administration, the program had lost many supporters in the White House — especially after the administration’s top priority in Syria became battling the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, rather than seeking an end to Mr. Assad’s government.

During one meeting in the White House Situation Room at the end of the Obama administration, with C.I.A.-backed rebels continuing to lose ground in the face of withering Russian air bombing, Mr. Brennan pressed the case that the United States continue to back the effort to topple Mr. Assad, according to one person who attended the meeting.

But Susan E. Rice, the national security adviser, shot back. “Make no mistake,” she said, according to the person in the meeting. “The president’s priority in Syria is fighting ISIS.”

Backed by Russian aircraft, Syrian government forces gradually began to reclaim areas near the Turkish border that had long been rebel strongholds, and eventually pushed many of the rebels back to the besieged city of Aleppo.

Aleppo fell to Syrian government troops in December.

Science of the Heart



For centuries, the heart has been considered the source of emotion, courage and wisdom. At the HeartMath Institute Research Center, we are exploring the physiological mechanisms by which the heart communicates with the brain, thereby influencing information processing, perceptions, emotions and health.

We are asking questions such as: Why do people experience the feeling or sensation of love and other positive emotional states in the area of the heart and what are the physiological ramifications of these emotions? How do stress and different emotional states affect the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal and immune systems, the heart and brain?

Over the years we have experimented with different psychological and physiological measures, but it was consistently heart rate variability, or heart rhythms, that stood out as the most dynamic and reflective of inner emotional states and stress. It became clear that negative emotions lead to increased disorder in the heart’s rhythms and in the autonomic nervous system, thereby adversely affecting the rest of the body. In contrast, positive emotions create increased harmony and coherence in heart rhythms and improve balance in the nervous system. The health implications are easy to understand: Disharmony in the nervous system leads to inefficiency and increased stress on the heart and other organs while harmonious rhythms are more efficient and less stressful to the body’s systems.

More intriguing are the dramatic positive changes that occur when techniques are applied that increase coherence in rhythmic patterns of heart rate variability. These include shifts in perception and the ability to reduce stress and deal more effectively with difficult situations. We observed that the heart was acting as though it had a mind of its own and was profoundly influencing the way we perceive and respond to the world. In essence, it appeared that the heart was affecting intelligence and awareness.

The answers to many of our original questions now provide a scientific basis to explain how and why the heart affects mental clarity, creativity, emotional balance and personal effectiveness. Our research and that of others indicate that the heart is far more than a simple pump. The heart is, in fact, a highly complex, self-organized information processing center with its own functional “brain” that communicates with and influences the cranial brain via the nervous system, hormonal system and other pathways. These influences profoundly affect brain function and most of the body’s major organs, and ultimately determine the quality of life.

Science of the Heart: Volume 2 (1993 to 2016) is now available. Click to view or download.


Wikileaks BOMBSHELL - Hillary Clinton Linked to Satanic Pedophile Cult

Is Bernie sanders going to be he next president after all?



When Western Illinois University puts together their annual mock presidential election, some pundits tend to perk up and pay attention. After all, they accurately predicted Barack Obama’s presidential win in 2007, and his narrower reelection win in 2011, after the same system had been used to astonishingly predict every presidential election since 1975 with 100% accuracy.

The results of WIU’s 2015 mock election are in, and if you tend to take the mainstream media seriously, the results of that election will more than likely surprise you: Bernie Sanders won the presidency, then the general election… and he did both in a massive landslide.

The WIU mock election, in which thousands of students from multiple schools form parties and caucuses and play out a small-scale election over the course of several days, has Bernie Sanders beating Hillary Clinton in 22 out of 26 primary states; Hillary Clinton survives past Super Tuesday, but loses out before the month of March is concluded.

As Sanders’ running mate, the school picked Martin O’Malley, though WIU hasn’t had a perfect record with vice presidential candidates, nor with losing tickets; in 2007, they had a Barack Obama/ John Edwards, while saying the GOP ticket would be Giuliani/ McCain. The school made up for that however in 2011, when they (somehow) accurately predicted the losing Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan ticket. Nobody saw that coming, but somehow, WIU’s students did.

The Republican student body put together a Jeb Bush/ Marco Rubio ticket for 2016, and if you thought WIU’s primary results were interesting, get a load of this: The Sanders/ O’Malley ticket creamsthe Bush/ Rubio ticket heavy-handedly, with a blow-out landslide win in which Sanders/ O’Malley takes home 404 electoral votes, to the measily 114 picked up by Bush/ Rubio.


Keep in mind, however, that the participating schools only usually accurately predict the next presidency; their record with picking electoral victories is about as shaky as their records with choosing vice presidential candidates and the candidates on the losing ticket.

WIU’s mock elections come by way of Professors Rick Hardy and John Hemmingway, who used the system to accurately predict Jimmy Carter’s astonishing upset victory in their 1975 mock election. Hardy later implemented the same system in Missouri, before the two brought the mock elections to WIU.

Will WIU’s mock elections pull off a hat-trick? There’s no real reason to assume they won’t. If I were a Republican, this would certainly keep me up at night. Thankfully, however, that isn’t a problem I need to deal with.


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