White Hat Takeover

If you look back only a few years wow have things changed, this is because of the White hat takeover. They are assisting humanity bringing us to a shared timeline of Light.

The success of the White Hat takeover within the U.S Military was a key factor. Cosmic, Universal law was petitioned to help assist our species confidently trigger the shift in consciousnesses and role out a global shift towards a timeline of Light.

These top officials of the US military started to realize what was happening and decided to plan a takeover of this global Cabal who have destroyed our planet through their wars. The Trump administration was put in place by these White Hats at the top of the US military to take down this global scourge. Again, nothing is a coincidence. The placement of Donald Trump and his administration has been in the works for decades.

Basically, these White Hats gave their support to the resistance of this global Cabal. Hence, the extreme chaos playing out in the United States and the world stage. There was a secret military refusal to take orders to go to war with North Korea. Faced with an internal mutiny in the US military the Trump administration adamantly ordered them to stand down.

Cosmic law, Universal law was granted and the United States attained additional resources to help in this takeover that will help direct humanity to a timeline of Light.

Time travelers have been put in place for this time in history and to help fulfill this White Hat takeover. They chose certain people that would be the most successful and have the most leverage to steer humanity to a successful shift to a timeline based in Light.

Some Dark institutions are going to have to wait till after the shift to be transformed or destroyed from the outside in. However, several key institutions that were under Dark Hat leadership were targeted and taken over by the White Hat leadership. The United States government and the United States military have been taken over by the White Hat leadership.

The White Hats firstly take over and infiltrate the ownership and the Director boards of these Dark hat run institutions. ET’s are a major part of this process including technologies so far advanced and available to any human institution so resistance is futile.

Once the White Hat ownership and leadership is onboard it’s quite a simple matter to install positions of authority and power. Optics can be very important! Meaning, sometimes existing Dark Hats are being allowed to continue in appearance of being in charge during the day. When the shift is initiated the White Hats will take action and take over for all to see.

The institutions that the White Hats are targeting are the worlds financial systems bringing in financial shifts that will defund this secret Dark government and begin implementing a Light based worldwide financial system. So, any organization that is supporting the existing Dark are being heavily targeted.

The media is another one and a key resource supporting this Dark agenda. Many of these media conglomerates are being heavily targeted. Hence, the harsh and truthful condemnation of the media from President Trump.

After this Light based shift there will possibly be a war of words, an information battle between the Dark controlled media and the White Hat takeover media. But, there will be no doubt the outcome of this battle. Even one media conglomerate being taken over by the White Hats and switching over to truth would be sufficient. At the time of the shift the White Hats will takeover all airwaves.

The human shift into the Light is also being targeted. Meaning, those who reneged on their promise or had doubts have been eliminated or replaced. Soon, very soon, humanity will witness the greatest shift ever imagined.

A shift from the current Dark timeline to a timeline of Light. This shift will be initiated by a Human team of politicians, media and financial people all supported by the White Hat takeover of several key institutions. Again, the takeover of the United States government and military by placing Donald Trump in position was a key White Hat take over.

At the time of the shift truth will be told to all and trumpeted worldwide the announcement of the White Hat takeover. Freedom for humanity and the liberation of our planet will be announced.

**By Teri Wade


Were Starlink Satellites destroyed to prevent emergence of Quantum Communications?

There has been much speculation over the destruction of 40 out of 49 Starlink microsatellites on February 8 that were shot down by the Deep State, according to information received by Elena Danaan, from her primary extraterrestrial contact Thor Han Eredyon.  Elena has just followed up with an article that casts more light on Elon Musk and Starlink based on information received earlier from a female extraterrestrial from Alpha Centauri with whom she had a face-to-face encounter in a small town in Ireland just over a month previously.

In her article, Elena explains how she first met the Nordic-looking extraterrestrial and her husband in December 2019 at a book launch in Ireland and was told that they were ‘Americans’ working on advanced communications technology projects in Los Angeles, California. At the time, Elena didn’t know about their true origins, but only observed their strikingly good looks and their strangeness. Elena says that she was very surprised when the same female phoned her two years later, on January 4, 2022, and arranged to have a meeting.

At the meeting, the Nordic identified herself as coming from Alpha Centauri, and that she and others had been living on Earth for some time and had integrated into the human population. In 2006, I wrote an article and followed up with a conference presentation about extraterrestrials secretly living among us a year later.

This history of aliens infiltrating human society extends back, at the very least, to the 1950s, when famous contactees such as George Adamski and Howard Menger described helping extraterrestrials go unnoticed in society. Around the same time, a group of extraterrestrials began revealing themselves to over 100 Italians and other Europeans in what is known as the ‘Friendship case.’ The meeting Elena described is therefore not unique given this secret history of off-worlders living among us.

At their January 2022 meeting, which Elena discusses in her article, the extraterrestrial explained the future importance of Starlink and Elon Musk:

Then… she got into the real subject and I was surprised at first with her question. She asked me what internet provider I had and she strongly advised me to go for Starlink. She said Starlink was going to become very big and take over mostly every communication systems in the near future, and that Elon Musk invested more funds into developing Lower Orbit relay technologies. She kept on talking about him, saying that he was going to become very important soon, for the greater good of humanity, in the near and far future. She said this: “him and I are from the same place”.

The female Nordic’s comment about the future of Starlink and Elon Musk, and their importance for the good of humanity is very revealing. If her comments about Starlink taking over communications systems in the near future are accurate, that gives us powerful insight into who would have been behind the loss of 40 Starlink satellites. High on the list of suspects would be the owners of the present global communications system—the Deep State.

Furthermore, the Nordic’s comment that Musk is from Alpha Centauri conjures up a similar scenario to Nikola Tesla, who believed, along with several of his closest associates, that he was originally from Venus. Arthur Matthews and Margaret Storm both wrote books that described Tesla’s origin as a Venusian.

leaked Majestic document describes how human-looking extraterrestrials have in the past dropped off some of their babies to be raised as normal humans, but they would have advanced abilities that would facilitate technological advancements. It is therefore not unprecedented that a gifted inventor such as Musk turns out to have off-world origins.

In her conversation with Elena, the Nordic talked about living in California and working on advanced technologies before buying a house in Ireland:

Her: We were living near L.A. before buying a house here, but I still travel a lot. 

Me: What were you doing there, as a job? I remember you said you were installing new technologies in people’s homes? For which company was it?

Her: We had our own private company. We are high grade engineers. It was a new technology, very advanced, having to do with connectivity. A kind of Wi-Fi if you want but based on quantum technology relayed to lower orbit connectivity. That’s all I can say.

This is a very significant piece of information since it suggests that the real purpose of Starlink is to set up a Wi-Fi global communication system based on quantum technology, rather than through the transmission of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) from lower Earth orbit.

A quantum communication system is based on ideas such as ‘quantum teleportation’ and ‘quantum entanglement’ that use photons, as explained by a science reporter, Martin Giles:

Quantum teleportation works by creating pairs of entangled photons and then sending one of each pair to the sender of data and the other to a recipient. When Alice receives her entangled photon, she lets it interact with a “memory qubit” that holds the data she wants to transmit to Bob. This interaction changes the state of her photon, and because it is entangled with Bob’s, the interaction instantaneously changes the state of his photon too.

While many fear that Musk’s Starlink is going to create a 5G system that will beam harmful frequencies (60 and 95GHz) to stifle and control humanity globally, the Nordic is suggesting that the real goal is to develop a quantum communications system that would not be EMF-based.

Put simply, quantum communications will use entangled photons, thereby enabling instantaneous communications over great distances, whereas conventional communications use electrons to generate EMF waves that travel at the speed of light. This severely impacts the usefulness of EMF-based communications for deep space travel and makes it practically useless for interstellar travelers.

Another big advantage of quantum communication is that ‘Faraday cages’, which block EMF waves by creating a metal cage around sites, would not block these kinds of transmissions. A quantum-based system could thus be used by submarines—whose hulls act as Faraday cages—and in deep space by spacecraft for instantaneous communications. Therefore, it is no surprise that extraterrestrials use quantum communication over interstellar distances without any delay or harmful EMF waves, and that they are encouraging inventors such as Musk to introduce this to the general population.

This is what makes claims that Musk is using Starlink to create a quantum-based WiFi system so startling. If the Nordic’s claims about Musk are accurate, then Starlink could be used to free, rather than further suppress humanity using a new generation of Earth-orbiting satellites that would create the next generation of communications.

Apparently, this kind of quantum communications technology was being earlier developed in California by the Nordic extraterrestrials before the Deep State intervened, as the following exchange clearly alludes to:

[Her] We left because we lost everything.

Me: I am sorry to hear this. So it’s why you left California. How did this happen?

Her: Our house burnt down. They burnt a whole town. Many of us died. 

The Nordic’s remarks make it clear that the California town she is referring to is Paradise, which was destroyed on November 8, 2018. The Paradise fire wiped out the entire town and forced its 27,000 residents to flee with over 80 deaths. Mainstream media sources such as NBC News cited drought conditions, high winds, and faulty electrical transmission equipment for the destructive wildfire that engulfed the town. Alternative media sources, however, identified tell-tale signs of satellite based Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) being used to destroy the town. Why was Paradise targeted by DEWs?

I immediately became suspicious over the real cause of the Paradise fire when I heard from one of its residents, Ralph Ring. He sent out an email to supporters saying that his home in Paradise had been destroyed, but that he and his wife had escaped unharmed.

I first met Ralph in Hawaii in 2007 when he did a presentation at our Earth Transformation conference about his work on a civilian flying saucer project called the OTC-XI that had been developed by the inventor Otis Carr, who was a protégé of Nikola Tesla. Ralph stayed in touch over the following years and let supporters know he was working on advanced technology projects that would revolutionize the planet. This is what he was working on in Paradise when the fire took out the town.

At the same time, David Wilcock did an interview about the Paradise fire where he stated that his sources had revealed to him back in 2007 that many of the residents of Paradise were extraterrestrials from Alpha Centauri’ working on advanced technology projects in underground facilities. This meant that Paradise was the real-life equivalent of the town ‘Eureka’ in the popular TV series Eureka.

The Nordic’s admission to Elena that she was one of those impacted by the fire and that many of her companions had died meant that the Deep State had targeted hidden underground facilities used by the extraterrestrials. The surface brush fire was created as a cover to take out these advanced tech facilities using space-based DEWs.

Now we know why the Deep State had destroyed Paradise and the cutting-edge tech projects under development. These projects threatened the current global communications systems using harmful EMF transmissions that researchers such as Dr. Joseph Mercola have well documented as being extremely harmful to long-term human health.

Now four years later, Elon Musk’s Starlink was targeted by the Deep State using surface-based DEWs according to Thor Han’s communications. It’s unlikely that the loss of 40 microsatellites will stop the rollout of Starlink and its future global WiFi system, given that over 1700 satellites are currently in orbit.

If what the female Nordic told Elena Danaan is accurate, then Starlink is destined to unleash a future quantum-based Wi-Fi communication system that eliminates harmful EMFs. This explains why Musk and his companies are now being targeted by the Deep State using their remaining resources in the mainstream media, compromised assets in the alternative media, and exotic weapons developed by the aerospace industry.

Thankfully, there is a growing Earth Alliance of spacefaring nations working with US Space Command and positive extraterrestrial groups that support Musk’s efforts and will act to protect his Starlink system, and the revolutionary quantum communications system these will establish for the benefit of all humanity.

A podcast version of this article is available on YouTube & Rumble

Special Note: On February 26, I will present my first webinar of the year on “What’s Coming in 2022 and Beyond.” Join me as I dive deep into the Exopolitics Paradigm Shift that we are about to witness all over the planet as humanity awakens.

© Michael E. Salla, Ph.D. Copyright Notice

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The Quantu FinThe Quantum Financial Systemancial System

The Quantum Financial System | Stand up America US Foundation

We will see what happens????

QFS Destroys Central Banking System

QFS has no equivalent in advanced technology

Global Currency Reset

Donald Trump re-elected as first President of the new Republic of America

Unity makes power


The Quantum Financial System QFS

Little is it known that this new system has been designed in preparation for the takeover of the Central Bank Monetary Debt System to end the financial slavery and control over the populace. The Alliance gave President Trump the magic wand of taking over the old banking system without changing it. No 3D creation is able to replace the power of a living being. To this end, artificial intelligence (AI) was designed to replace conscious beings.

The QFS is expected to operate on Quantum Benevolent Intelligence with interaction on any financial transaction anywhere in the financial world. As a guarantee that every transaction; is legal and transparent for every account holder. Someone who has mastered quantum physics can understand the effect this quantum information technology has on every financial transaction that passes through the quantum financial system. – It cannot be modified. The confirmation and disclosure of this fortunate component of the QFS is the assurance and hallmark of a one hundred percent reliable, neutral and secure transfer system.

Some people try to discredit the QFS which is the greatest financial advancement of all time. This misunderstanding may be a result of the fact that the QFS has no comparison to anything that has ever been presented to the world before. It is like an antigravity machine compared to an automobile. There is no real basis to understand this technology. It has no peer; it has no equivalent in advanced technology that anyone has had before. It is new. It reigns supreme in the technology it uses to accomplish the financial security and transparency needed for currency holders to perform all financial humanitarian objectives. With the QFS, the world can be flooded with gold-backed currencies that are designed to eliminate the old Cabal financial system with central banksters in control over all financial transactions.

QFS Destroys Central Banking System

With the activation of the QFS, the Alliance will have completely destroyed the Rothschild Central Banking system that has been designed by Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812) to control the world economy and put the world population into debt slavery.

Truth is, the QFS has been running in parallel with the Central Banking System for some time and has countered many hacking attempts by the Cabal to steal funds. In the process, many banksters have been caught red handed and arrested. This powerful quantum computer system could assign a digital number to every fiat dollar/euro/Yen sitting in every bank account all over the world and consequently monitor in real-time money streams; knowing exactly where particular monies went when it was transferred, who sent it by their login info, and which account received the money.

Imagine the frustration of a banker who has just stolen some money and this illegally transferred to another account and subsequently being arrested in real time for theft. These poor bankster devils, have been defeated. They are taking their last gasp of air before the weight of their ‘death plans’ comes crashing down on their pathetic, baby-blood-sucking, bodies.


Only gold-backed currencies that have a digital gold certificate can be transferred through the QFS. The gold certificate references a serial number on a piece of gold held in reserve to back the currency. Off-world technologies are used to quarantine the gold used to back the currencies. There is no way it can be stolen or taken out of the secure vaults where they are stored. That is why it is called gold-backed currency, it has to refer back to the piece of gold in the vault that is backing it.

References to ‘asset-backed currencies’ is the process of establishing a currency based on assets within the country of origin. Assets are the justification to establish the amount of currency available in a country, but all denominations of currencies must be resided within the QFS and been given a gold certificate to be active within the QFS. If the assets are mined or extracted from the earth, they will be sold on the marketplace as with any other commodity. This is an enormous process, an assignment of no small feat to accomplish. But, a required process to ensure worldwide value to all currencies used within the QFS.

Any Fiat currency that cannot be regarded clean, clear, non-terroristic and not established to support illegal activities, that disqualifies most Fiat currencies, cannot become a legal currency in the QFS. – Fiat currencies received from legal activities will be exchanged for gold-backed currencies at the bank.

 QFS has no equivalent in advanced technology

The Quantum Financial System – QFS has no comparison to anything that has ever been introduced to the world before. It has no peer; it has no equivalent in advanced technology of any other system before it. It is brand new. It reigns supreme in the technology it applies, in order to accomplish the one hundred percent financial security and transparency all currency account holders require. With the QFS, the monetary system of the world can easily be changed to encompass gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the use of the old Cabal central banking system. Regrettably, to fully comprehend the advanced QFS-structure, there doesn’t exist an equivalent technology to serve as an example.

Global Currency Reset

Without the ability to certify existing money into the new QFS, all Central Bank activities will cease to have any relevance within this new financial system. A country that is not GESARA compliant will be left out of the QFS and eventually will be left out of the international trade. Their oil or grains, or whatever, are still valuable but how is a GESARA compliant nation going to pay for commodities to a non-participant in the QFS?

The money cannot be transferred. Non-compliant countries, if any, will be left to barter commodities or work out a credit exchange with other countries, a system that is not presently available to do business at any level of relevancy. Talking about third world countries – non-compliant countries will be relegated to fourth or fifth world countries.

Each country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS. The Alliance will use a specific quantitative formula to establish the amount of currency available, “in a country,” which is to be gold-backed in the QFS. The results of the formula will establish a fair value of each country’s assets as compared to one and another. There is far more gold than needed to accomplish the gold-backing of all world currencies. Once established through the GCR, the price of gold will become irrelevant for the value of a specific currency against each other. All monies are equally calibrated.

 If the price of gold goes up, the value of all currencies will go up as well, resulting in no net change to the par value of all currencies. The formula includes, in ground assets, the economy of the country, its awake population – which is one of the country’s assets, and a number of other parameters to determine the value of the country’s currency. This formula is to be applied to each country so that all currencies will be on par value with all other countries.

The application of the formula and the common value of all gold, means that one country’s currency has to have the same value as another country’s currency. This is called the Global Currency Reset – the reset of all currencies on par with all other world currencies and each one has a gold certificate to validate authenticity. It’s a requirement of each country to use the reset formula and apply the worldwide standard, to assure the QFS to function as planned. That is the reason why a country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS.

Donald Trump re-elected as first President of the new Republic of America

The Alliance has confirmed that their goal of defeating the Deep State has been far more complex, time-consuming and difficult than had been anticipated and planned for. It is becoming increasingly obvious that world-changing information is about to be made public, probably sooner than expected. This is likely to be accompanied by the much-anticipated mass arrests. There are literally over one hundred seventy thousand sealed criminal indictments ready to be executed, and partly already have been executed. Once Donald Trump is re-elected as the first President of the new Republic of America in this coming November, this sequence of events will take place, it will be up to the awakened readers to help everyone to understand what is going on, explaining the positive nature of the changes that already are occurring and those that are underway.

Never forget; the deliberate debasement of our fiat currency by central bankers is theft and is the current monies are counterfeited. The Founding Fathers of the United States of America saw counterfeiting as a serious crime, deserving the death penalty.

The Deep State elites are in a panic, as more people are awakening and they realize they cannot stop it. They are continually trying with COVID, face masks, social distancing, riots, etc. to prevent or suppress this process, but the truth is coming out and cannot be stopped anymore.

 Now, it is time people learn to think for themselves, by becoming detached from hypes, in which for example multitudes of people, due to a mindless kind of group-think, come to the conclusion that something like fiat paper money is valuable, whereas if they were to think logically, they would come to the conclusion that this is not the case. Much in the world has been intentionally misinterpreted and misrepresented by the media. For example, the idea of Democracy is good and Anarchy is bad, which in fact is exactly the opposite. There is a great lack of independent, critically thinking people. This lack can easily be lifted by reading and studying my book THE GREAT AWAKENING, part 1 and part 2, and consequently experiencing and consciously understanding the upcoming developments with joy.

 To defeat the Deep State for once and forever; it is necessary that at least 50% of the populace is awake. If, just each one of the awake, wake up two more people and if those on their turn awake 2 other people, is in just 54 rounds the whole world populace awakes. It is very important for all of us that as many people as possible wake up and stay awake. Informing people in their native or familiar language is essential in achieving this goal; the goal of ultimately liberating humanity.

 Unity makes power

Awake people want to meet other awake individuals, without masks, for the reason, we together are stronger, and abler to defeat the Deep State cabal quicker. Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like-minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide awake networks are created, like in the Marbella / Malaga area who have been around for several months with increasing numbers of participants. If you would like to meet up with them

Alex Collier Webcast: QFS Should Be Up by December’s End

Posted on 12/13/2021 by 

So, a few days ago, Elon Musk said the new quantum internet would be up by the end of the month, by the end of December. Also regulation would be in place as well by that time. Now the quantum internet going up means that they can now put in action the quantum financial system. So they said by mid-December we would know where we were going.

The Three Gorges Dam and Big Pharma labs will start the black swan event. (1) The black swan event begins to trigger everything. Not only the RV (the revaluation of global currencies), but a transfer of 6000 cures will be shared. Some of that would be med beds, obviously we have an update on that, and the expression and expansion of freedom throughout the planet.

These events will change the world forever and we’re talking about between now and the end of December.

It’s been brought to my attention, what’s currently going on now is not a war against Russia. It is not a war against China. Specifically, what we’re seeing are white hats around the world at war with the Rothschild family. That’s what we’re dealing with. That’s where it is all now.

All right, and the Rothschilds’ minions. And they’re paying them with the funny money, which is why they’re freaking the hell out because the new system is coming in like gangbusters and that’s the next piece of Intel.

Okay. The Government of Iraq was supposed to release their international rate last Monday. The IMF told them not to. Well, yesterday the Government of Iraq [released them] in the nation, their international rates and the International rate for the new dinar is $11.90. For us. That’s what I said.

Now, I don’t know what it’s going to be in each one of your countries. But we were expecting to see it on the Forex this morning. It will probably show up Sunday morning. (2) But this is going live. Now it’s also interesting; it’s being called the Golden dinar, in part because it’s being backed by gold.

The Kuwaiti government is sharing the gold dinar. So they’re going to share this, which is a remarkable thing. Because, one, it’ll give a great deal of stability to the Middle East. Iraq paid Kuwait back for Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait and they did not pay them with the worthless dinar they paid them with the new gold-backed currency. So everybody’s best friends again.

Okay, everything’s been just forgiven, and everybody’s ready to move on. We understand that Iran is supposed to be very close behind this.

Now as you all know if you’ve been following the currencies and the basket of currencies for the Global Currency Reset, not the Rothschild nonsense, Iraq was always going to be the first country to go and then all the others would go and they all have their own timeline.

So it could very well be that, when you go to exchange your dinar, when the time is is when they start taking appointments. Or it goes live in your individual countries [and] you might have to make several trips if you have multiple currencies. (3)

Do not know about the Zim. Do not know about the Dong. Do not know about the rest of the currencies in the in the bunch just yet. But this is happening. (4)

This is very much happening. And everyone should be very, very excited because this will end poverty and this will greatly shift how the world operates from this point on.

In Country the rate in Iraq is $4.81, outside it’s $11.90. It could be higher in some other countries. It all depends now when you go to exchange your dinar and you ask for cash here in the U.S. It’s my understanding that they’re going to be giving you the new currency. The United States Note and not a Federal Reserve Note. So a lot of change, a lot, a lot of change. All good stuff.

Okay. The United States military is withdrawing our remaining troops out of Iraq, that 3600 or so troops. They began pulling them out last night so that Iraq at some point, either today or over the weekend can announce that they are a totally sovereign nation. They said that they did that.

Okay, so that’s it. I wanted to give you that, if possible, that’s positive. Before you go to bed at night, listen to good music before you go to bed at night. Listen to some comedy, anything to make you laugh, to put you in a good state of mind. Do not go to bed all stressed out and worried because there’s so much to look forward to.

We’re going to leave all this crap behind. The reason we’re seeing it now is because we need to know that it was real and it’s been around us all this time. And now that we’re coming out of our box, we’re going to be seeing all this and there’s still some ugly to say there is but the future’s bright.

We’re not going into slavery. We’re not being invaded. Alright, we’re becoming free. So the only boogeyman we have are those which we are carrying in ourselves.

It’s time to let it go. I love you. Thank you for supporting our little webinar.

This 14 minute clip sounds like it was released on Friday – You will NOT be sorry you listened – RV/GCR and our new world sovereignty are here now!

Alex Collier webcast - Dinar Times | Daily Dinar Updates from Dinar Guru on Dinar Chronicles and Dinar Recaps



A new financial system aka quantum financial system qfs -

A new financial system aka the quantum financial system QFS

What is quantum financial system QFS?

QFS literal meaning is Quantum Financial System, which is an advanced financial system launched to eradicate the cabal and banksters monopoly on monetary system and for that purpose, a system comprises of Artificial Intelligence and complex computer programs fully backed by banks is needed. Quantum Financial System would be a break through in the world of banking which lead to a new era of banking QFS will not be influenced by Government policies, rather it will be entirely backed by tangible assets like Gold, Platinum, Oil and will not be based upon mere piece of papers which have no evidentiary value.

QFS can be called the modern era Barter System in which you have to give valuable in order to receive valuable. The current world financial system is based on the principle in which your money is backed by debt which already been taken from you with high interest rates and in this way world economy is flowing which is serving only one purpose, filling pockets of handful families. There are chances that if the QFS will launch then all the indebted countries will be able to reimburse all the debts by exporting their natural minerals and resources. If we have a look at the current situation of Iraq then beneath the ice, we will come to know that due to massive debts of Iraq, it is quite tough for them to launch RV because a country simply cannot revalue its currency when it is in debt. Contrary to that if you repay all you are owing with interest then it is quite possible to enhance you exports which will revalue your currency. Iraq is a land which have Natural Oil worth trillions of Dollars and do you know folks that due to this only reason, Iraq is still on 5th number in gold reserves despite of all odd. In the Iraqi Dinar community the gurus are of opinion that this is a pragmatic approach towards the RV of Iraqi Dinar.

QFS will Revalue recessive currencies

Initiation of QFS is essential for investors of Recessive currencies as the QFS is the only solution which will ascertain that these recessive currencies will be Revalued without influence of Dominant currencies. In the due process of QFS, the world economies will be entered into a new era which will distinctly opt for the barter system and the countries which are backed by enough natural valuable assets will have a certain opportunity to make their currency dominant in the Financial markets.

Another rumor which comes from the investment resource is that the China was the first to initiate the Quantum Financial System by initiating the Digital Currency Electronic Payment. As an investor of US Dollar my concern is regarding the future of US Dollar after the initiation of QFS.

QFS and its effects on US Dollar

It is surprising that US Dollar index is rising with every passing week despite of this pandemic and is dominating over other major currencies like Yuan and Euro. The Iraqi Dinar can be benefited from the rising index of the US Dollar, if its economy would not be relying on the Oil and its economy would be stable. There are two major reasons of rising index of US Dollar. First is Federal Reserve as it is pushing trillions of Dollars into the financial system in order to enhance liquidity in the foreign financial markets and central banks to vanquish Yuan and securing the place for its greenback. Secondly the sanctions on Chinese products is starting to play its part in the demand of US Dollar.  


But as far as QFS concerns, QFS will certainly hit the US Dollar and will control its artificial fluctuations which only give benefits to the Wall Street giant Dollar investors who are accustomed to make millions from single investments by manipulating the US Dollar fluctuations.

China play in Digital Dominance

It is also important to look at the economic war between China and US on the Digital Currency Electronic Payment. Before the wave of Coronavirus, China has launched its first automated payment system formally named DECP which will be based on their currency Renminbi Yuan. The purpose of DECP was to enhance transactions outside China and bypassing the US transactional and financial system which is standing on the US Dollar. Now that the US has controlled the China economic and strictly laying down numerous restrictions on its trade and economy. The latest update is that Federal Reserve is working on digital dollar wallets which will be initially used for the stimulus package amount transfers as most US citizens do not have access to banks for cash deposits and withdrawals. But in the next stage it will be used for the international trade & transactions. All these signs are directing towards the QFS launch. While in this play US is dominating and US Dollar will remain a major player but our advice to all of our investment seekers and followers is that despite of all these strong grounds, US Dollar is still a piece of paper and we strongly urge you to transform your savings and assets into Valuable tangible assets like Gold, Platinum and Silver. The value of these assets has been undeniable since the beginning of times and will remain valued till the end of times.

Prophecies on QFS

The battle between these two giant economies and both of them trying their best to dominate the digital currency is going towards a system which unintentionally make the world to roll towards gold backed assets. It will surely be operated on a system which will be control by none of the Governments and Cabal. In the technology of QFS, the AI will be the one to operate all the trades and transactions whether it will be of currency investments or intercontinental transactions between the countries. AI will act according to the balance of trades and will remain unbiased which is the major quality of QFS. From the last decade a US based economic think tank has stated


And this is the era which is surprisingly amending the ways to fulfil this prophecy sort of analyst.

QFS & Blockchain

Now if we discuss about the Quantum Financial System and its interrelation with Blockchain and future banking then we came to know that QFS is dealing in blockchain, shared ledgers and distributed ledger technologies, cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies and digital currencies. QFS is stored and operate on the satellite-based servers based on Quantum Computing. The reason is Quantum Computing is more secure and advance, because of its pattern of processing, the quantum computing uses two or more quantum states together to create another state by firing electrons through semiconductors using configurable pulse of light which results fastest state of speed. That’s why Quantum Computers store far more information requiring less energy and deliver more speed than current state computers.

Will QFS Revalue Iraqi Dinar

After the launch of QFS, the Gold backed era will emerge and will Revalue all the currencies which are in bottom state due to the debts. QFS will also impact global trade as it would alter the financial system of the world. The Iraqi Dinar Gurus are of the opinion that RV will be launch as soon as QFS will take over because Iraq will be able to stabilize its economy by increasing the volume of it exports.



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